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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. scheiss. I forgot to mute this zoom meeting before reading this thread. Thanks, Riggs. People wondering what I'm laughing at. And I think I'm gonna tell them.
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  2. That is one of the stupidest things I've read here. And there have been lots of stupid things. Why the huge push back on such a minor thing?
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  3. Funny that the debate commission said they don't expect the moderators to be fact checkers. Well, considering Biden can't seem to tell the truth, probably a good idea. Amazing that dude claimed to have gotten his start at an HBCU. Insulting, but amazing.
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  4. I read the quote and thought the cartoon name was some other word all together. Freudian slip, I guess.
  5. Because it's not a real concern. They're making up "negotiations" to try to delegitimize Biden. Biden's campaign group is saying they weren't even asked about having a 3rd party check. It's just the Trump campaign making up propaganda, and, unfortunately, people fall for it.
  6. similar to trump's taxes being new or a story?
  7. Biden announced his bid for senate in 1972 on the campus of Delaware State University. The school confirmed that, but what the right-wing media did was take a clip out of context, claim he was saying something other than he was, and then "prove" him a liar. It's a smear job, and you fell for it.
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  8. Since their pre-debate spin is “but he wouldn’t take a drug test” the Trump campaign has basically already done so.
  9. keep mudbuggin, dude.
  10. The irony here is strong.

    The reference to “starting” is with regard to his campaign/pre-campaign events at DSU for years. The stupid story you keep repeating is the algorithm feeding you stupid content because it knows you’ll consume and parrot it.
  11. guessing you'll have a watch party for your favorite dementia daddy.
  12. dude, that's rich coming from a biden chub licker like you.
    hey, since you think kumswalla and dementia daddy are so awesome, I'm guessing you'll take a flight to China since any ban on travel to and from there is, as Biden said, xenophobic.

    biden was trying to claim he went to school there. he's a racist and so is anybody who votes for him.
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  13. Too bad the democrats and liberal media never thought of doing something like that.
  14. That's literally how the conversation yesterday went regarding Supreme Court appointments.

    Biden: "This has never happened when an election was underway"
    Right Wing Twitter: "LOL here's when it's happened"
    "None of those happened when an election was underway"
    "Those happened during an election year, he meant election year"
  15. Kinda early to start drinking.
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  17. Falwell had zero effect on voters. He is a joke. His father carried a lot of weight (literally and figuratively) but in evangelical circles his son might as well be Joe Blow. No one that I know of cares one lick about Junior.

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