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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Clap for that, you stupid [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ].
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  3. Your question is easily answered via google. Book and speaking deals. It’s no secret because Biden releases his tax returns.

    Unlike our current president, who has hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due and is bilking American taxpayers for cash.
  4. Always a grievance. Now, without evidence, you’re blaming IRS employees for leaking Trump tax data? It could just as easily, and more likely, be someone Trump employed or contracted. But that doesn’t fit into your handy grievance narrative—which is necessary to excuse every single thing the pathetic man ever does.

    Now turning to your pathetic attempt to turn away from substance by projecting anti-capitalism on me. I of course have no problem with capitalism and wealth. My wife and I work hard, make good money, and pay a helluva lot of income taxes between her medical practice and my law practice. I don’t enjoy cutting those checks any more than you. But I believe everyone should pay their share. Including billionaires. And I believe anyone leading the system should be forthcoming THAT they are - and HOW they are - paying their own fair share.

    I don’t have a problem with Trump using the tax code provisions to legally minimize his tax burden. I have a problem with a president getting elected by scamming Americans into thinking he’s a good businessman. With a president who has a billion dollars in debt coming due and how that affects his leadership. With a president more concerned about hiding his creditors and his finances than he is with addressing the real problems his country and citizens face. With a president who demeans the poor for not contributing while not contributing himself. With a man with tax problems controlling the IRS and federal tax policy. With a president that breaks his promise of no new foreign financial deals. And a problem with a president that is using taxpayer money-to which he does not contribute-to funnel money into his (debt-ridden) private businesses.

    But sure, ignore the warning flags and go on with your grievances and projection.
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  6. LOL you are riding a Tilt-a-Whirl drunk.
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  7. For those outraged about how much or little the wealthy pay, the solution is simple. Ditch the income tax in its entirety and replace it with a federal consumption tax. The wealthy make more, spend more, and would be taxed more. The end.

    But we'd never do that, because politicians would no longer to be able to use the tax code as a campaign issue.
  8. Or just lower the rates across the board and get rid of deductions. Never understood why things like mortgage interest should impact tax liability. Why should someone whose house is paid off pay more in taxes than someone whose isn't?

    But to your point, we'd never do something like that. Our tax code is a major reason DC is the swamp that is it. Massively simplifying the tax code would be like running a skimmer net over a pond.

    And "fair share" is one of the most annoying phrases out there. What is it? And as soon as someone is supposedly paying their "fair share", they won't be anymore.
  9. You don't understand why public policy is used to encourage beneficial behavior? Really?
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  10. So it's beneficial to owe a bunch of money on your house? No, I get it, it's to encourage home-ownership. But it's still stupid to me.
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  11. so why the cap the amount businesses are allowed to deduct for things such as employee health insurance or contributions to company sponsored retirement plans?
  12. Home ownership is incredibly beneficial to society, as you said. Our tax code, both income and otherwise, uses those methods to encourage beneficial behavior. It's not stupid at all.

    Not sure I understand . Something doesn't need to be a 100% deduction in order for incentives to be present, and indeed those things generally being a significant deduction were made so in order to encourage those benefits being offered.
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  13. Agree. When I started my first law firm job, I explained to a fellow new attorney that she was taxed significantly more than me, because she was a single renter, and I was a married, homeowner, with kids. Same job, same salary, and she paid way more in taxes. The system sucks.
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  14. Maybe debatable. I look at home-ownership statistics in countries around the world and there doesn't seem to be all that strong a correlation to quality of life and % of people owning a home. Maybe that's somewhat of a myth. And I'm pretty sure being saddled with debt is not beneficial to one's overall well-being.

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  15. Surprised at the number of people in this thread who never use the tax code to reduce their tax burden and don't use any deductions at all.

    "He who is without using tax code deductions may cast the first stone"
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  16. Trump's taxes are an embarrassment and prove he is a scam artist. Y'all need to quit pretending you have similar tax situations to what is reportedly Trump's tax situation. 421m in outstanding loans due in 4 years? 72.9m in a fake tax refund claim? And of course the scariest of all being the foreign and domestic monies coming in since he has been president in the form of political bribes.

    The president is financially compromised, has been scamming America for decades and has put the office of the President of the United States of America up for auction to the highest bidder.

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  17. Weren't you the same idiot claiming that Trump's tax returns would show Russian collusion in them?

    Oh wait, the NYT said there was none at all?

    HAHAHAHA. You idiots ACTUALLY believed the Russian collusion hoax and pee pee tape dossier.

    That is why the left has ZERO credibility. They spent all of 3 years pushing Russian collusion nonsense on us which has been proven time and time again to be a total fake story. So please spare me your outrage as you once again try to make a non story a story. You claim the NYT is some bastion of journalism when they were the biggest pushers of the fake Russian hoax. The NYT is just a propaganda arm of the democrat party.
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  18. the incentives need to be big enough to offset the costs as well as the additional work. the cost of health insurance for a small company is damn steep and the current limited deduction far out strips the the deduction.

    more and more people are self employed or work for small business and the problem is that the tax code is written to primarily benefit the bigger corporations and wealthier and that isn't the doing of just the republicans

    add in continued legal requirements as well as business costs that can be tough to pass on to customers and there is only so much money to hand out so whether a deduction is 100% or roughly 1/4 of that amount matters a great deal.
  19. Biden campaign once again calls a LID at 9am.

    People are actually voting for this.... hahaha

    Dirtbag is actually voting for this.... ahahaha

    hiphopfroggy is actually voting for this.... ahahaha

    A man who is so demented he can't even get out and campaign most days.
  20. Even if all of this is true, at least he ran something, and has private sector experience.

    Biden has ZERO private sector experience. He hasn't even ran a lemonade stand. All he has done in his life is suck the taxpayer teat in government. 47 years with nothing to show for it except a crime bill locking up more blacks.

    Someone who spends 47 years in government simply tells me they know they can't hack it in the private sector.

    Also, where is your outrage over Hunter Biden taking 3.5 million from the Russians? You all hammered the Trump Russia Collusion story for 3 years but don't seem to care about this Hunter Biden story one bit.

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