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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Every time she opens her mouth...
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  3. A bag of Ds flies out?
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  4. Ewwwww...
  5. Or maybe the same fake polls that projected Biden would win Wisconsin by 18 or Pennsylvania/Michigan/Florida/North Carolina by double digits or win Ohio by 6 are the same ones doing these opinion polls?
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    We literally just had an election where the President secured just a touch under 47% of the vote. Not polling, not conjecture, we know with certainty that's where he stood with voters in early November.

    So sure, I suppose it's possible that he's become four points more popular, to the point where the majority now support him, relative to where he was in November following months of claiming-but-never-proving fraud and then the Capitol stuff. Maybe news of the COVID vaccine was enough to overcome all of that. That's possible, but that's not what most data seems to indicate. In that sense, Rasmussen is the clear outlier.

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  7. You just cited a QUINNIPIAC POLL in your image. They were the worst pollster in 2020 by far.

    Richard Baris, the only pollster outside of Trafalgar who actually got 2020 right, was on his livestream yesterday explaining why these presidential approval polls right now are trash, mainly because of response bias.

  8. I cited an RCP average and trend over time, not a single poll. In fact, my entire point is that when a single poll doesn't jive with the overall trend (and I would agree that Quinnipiac skews too far the other direction), it should be questioned.

    You wanna argue the polls are trash? Be my guest, I'm not the one that brought them in to the conversation though.
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  10. If that’s all he ever said the past six months he would still be in office for another four years. That’s an awesome accomplishment, something I hope Biden continues
  11. Did Twitter and Facebook fact check that statement yet?
  12. Unfortunately Biden is going to force Israel to knock back Iran’s nuclear weapons program after he resumes Obama’s cash pallets delivery program to the ayatollah.
  13. The military industrial complex and defense contractor industry both heavily backed Biden so they are expecting payback in the form of him starting new wars. The question isnt whether or not a Biden-Harris administration will start a new war, the question is where. Syria is probably a prime candidate.
  14. Along with 15% inflation.
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  15. Wake up Joe! Today is your day. Wear a scarf. WHH didn't.
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