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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. The every 30 minute news updates from CBS News on KXNT radio are propaganda filled BS. How can anyone think our media is neutral and isn't simply a mouth piece for the administrative state.

    Nothing but Trump bad, Trump dangerous, his supporters are dangerous, we need to use SWAT teams to engage Trump supporters blah blah blah

    Its a full on propaganda effort to demonize anyone who has viewpoints adverse to the new administration
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  2. I love all the barricades they are setting up, as if there is going to be some full blown military assault. Of course they ignore the riots that happened during the 2017 Inauguration. That was (D)ifferent.
  3. I'm afraid some of us might soon be in an abusive relationship with the government...

  4. Cops were murdered at the Capitol by people waving Hillary flags in the run-up to the 2017 inauguration? Talk about a media blackout, I totally missed that.
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  5. I wonder why you don’t (R)emember that?
  6. I know, I know...the 2017 inauguration riots were "mostly peaceful"


    WASHINGTON — Protesters and police clashed in a section in northwest Washington Friday during Donald Trump's historic inauguration in a rolling series of confrontations that injured six police officers and left store windows and ATMs smashed.

    Police used pepper spray to control the crowd, some of whom were armed with crowbars and hammers, authorities said. A total of 217 people were arrested by early evening in what were the most violent episodes of the day involving protesters and police. Police said six officers suffered minor injuries, including three head injuries caused by rocks and other projectiles.



  7. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/p...of-direct-charges-in-breonna-taylors-killing/

    Mostly peaceful though.

    Seriously, we heard all last summer from the left about how cops were a bunch of [ Arschloch]s (should I share some "kill cops" photos?), and NOW you're suddenly outraged?
  8. You asked why the Capitol, where the inauguration will occur and where last week's murders occurred, was seeing beefed up security, noting that such security was not needed in 2017 despite similar riots occurring. Now you're talking about violence that occurred during the inauguration, not in the run-up to it?

    So you're pointing to violence that occurred during the past inaguration as proof that increased security is....not necessary?
    I didn't realize that there was a Presidential inauguration going on in Louisville immediately following the Breonna Taylor announcement. My bad.

    (Also note your own source indicates that increased security, including the National Guard, was deployed in response to the threats posed when announcing that decision, so what's the issue here?)

    Show me one post where I condoned the murder of police officers and you might have a point.
  9. Show me one where you condemned the situations involving dead cops this summer with any sort of enthusiasm.

    And I fail to see how one situation is so horrible yet another isn't really so bad. So those cops in Louisville, since an inauguration wasn't going on, that's not near as big a deal, huh? I'd like to know what the families of the cops think about that.
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  10. So, hypothetically, if the protesters/rioters had killed a cop, instead of just injured them, outside the White House in June when throwing projectiles, would you have called it a terrorist coup, supported the national guard being called in, and supported congress' political grandstanding? Somehow I doubt it.
  11. Oooh, are we playing the "silence is violence" game? Sorry, not buying it.

    I'm not either. Murdering / shooting police officers is bad.

    Not at all what was said in the slightest. Bob scoffed at the beefed up security at the Capitol as we prepare for the inauguration, scoffing that said precautions were not taken in 2017. I pointed out why that was, as there was just a politically motivated killing at the same site and there are credible threats of more. You're using violence elsewhere to say...what exactly?

    To answer your point specifically: Louisville beefed up their security, including mobilizing the national guard, in response to the violence expected in the wake of the Breonna Taylor decision, so not entirely sure why you seem to be suggesting that violence wasn't prepared for. However, yes there's going to be more robust security wherever the President / President-elect is, and threats of violence are going to be taken more seriously in that context. That's a given.
  12. If rioters attempted to breach White House, let alone actually work their way inside, and killed a police officer in the process, yes I would consider that to be a terrorist act. That didn't happen, however.

    As I recall, btw, the White House did indeed respond to the threat of violence by protesters by increasing security, including temporarily bringing President Trump down to the bunker, and then later adding another layer of security on the grounds. Did you find that behavior equally scoff-worthy as you did above?
  13. All this started because you said you "missed the 2017 riots" and the the media ignored them.


    But nice straw man.
  14. Check again. Maybe this time read the whole sentence. I said I totally missed where "Cops were murdered at the Capitol by people waving Hillary flags in the run-up to the 2017 inauguration?" (emphasis added). Security was increased as a result of these actions that occurred in the weeks prior to the event, therefore comparing it to 4 years ago when these things didn't happen a week prior to the inauguration makes little sense. (To say nothing of the implication that there wasn't a ton of security at the 2017 event).

    But please, continue to respond to things I didn't say, and then accuse others of strawmen.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. The President has been impeached again. 10 Republicans crossed party lines

    (Interestingly, even that low number makes it the most bi-partisan impeachment in history. 5 Dems voted to impeach Clinton, none voted to impeach Johnson. No Republicans voted to impeach Trump the first time, although Amash was elected as a Republican he left the party prior to the impeachment vote).
  17. This you? You purposely cut off the part of the quote you are now relying on.

  18. And everyone's lives are the exact same. Guy will still be President until the inauguration and won't be convicted in the Senate. Good use of taxpayers' time though. Congrats on your "win" I guess.

  19. Nope. The circled part is a quote by you, not me. My words are below that.

    Glad we cleared that up.
  20. Two very lame impeachments as well. 10 Republicans crossed lines in a purely political theater impeachment. Wow, how bipartisan.

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