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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. That bothered me. Looked into it. See below. Do not know if this true, but will look further into it.

  2. I'm talking the leadership of the party waging a war on an election process, without anything to substantiate it, because it didn't go their way and their desire to piss all over everything on the way out the door. It's a great look.
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    Oh, it’s not that big a deal, you drama queen. Peter Ward and Rolling Stone magazine? There’s some down the middle journalism there.
  4. Stolen from elsewhere...

    Biden has won in Michigan so many times he’s gonna have to change his name to Ohio State.
  5. Along the same lines:
    What's the difference between the devil and Trump? When the devil went down to Georgia, he only lost once.
  6. Just the facts Ma'am.
  7. I’m sure Tom Cotton watched Donald Trump stay on Trump properties with the same criticism about fancy hotel rooms he watches John Kerry with
  8. The problem with this comment is that you're looking at hotel properties and not what's best for America/the Paris Climate Accord.

    I'm sure we won't agree on the latter, but talking about hotel properties ain't it.
  9. Here's a little more on the overseas, non-hotel property aspect, illini

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  10. climate change policies are here to stay - R’s would do themselves well to come the table and help influence policies.

    public opinion in the US is changing and people see the need to be more climate friendly. This isn’t an issue that the R’s can come to power in 2024 and reverse all of the climate policies because it will be viewed favorably by the American public (assuming the policies put in place are decent).

    there’s a few good ideas between the extremes of ‘do nothing’ and the green new deal.
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  11. Who didn’t see this coming? The real crime scene is with the Universities that used this as a license to jack tuition up while churning out a bunch of brainwashed snowflakes without the skills to earn a salary to payback their loans for their overpriced degrees


    The Government's Reckless Student Lending is Creating a Budget Hole Akin to the 2008 Crisis, New Analysis Shows
    It will eventually take roughly $3,000 out of the pocket of every federal taxpayer.
  12. Tweet deleted?
  13. And here I thought liberals were supposed to be funny.
  14. Kerry is the poster boy for entitled [ Arschloch]s. He is a toxic mix of ignorance and arrogance.
  15. IMO you’re making this way more complicated than it is. Three things happened:

    (1) The party realignment trends continued. Republicans are becoming the party of the white blue collar workers, doing less bad with minorities, and winning even more overwhelmingly in rural areas. Democrats are increasing their stranglehold on cities, picking up diversifying suburbs, and doing less bad with middle class white voters.

    (2) The pandemic amplified turnout across the board. People were motivated to vote regardless of party.

    (3) A pretty simple phenomenon is occurring: every election has gone national. Look at how few congressional districts split the presidential and congressional ticket. Combined with the party realignment, this explains Biden’s overwhelming popular vote win alongside Republicans’ down-ballot gains.

    The questions for 22 and 24:
    What does turnout look like in a normal, non-pandemic environment? What does turnout look like without an incumbent Trump on the ballot? The low turnout of 2016 and the wild swing in 2018 and 2020 are hard to project from.
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    Screams complaints for four years, gets her way, asks for unity. LMAO Alyssa. I'll take a hard pass on that one.

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