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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. It looks like they had a good time last night.

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  2. student of the stanislavski technqiue
  3. I have trouble saying that our system is broken and needs to be cleaned up based on concepts. I get the concept of voter fraud, no problem. but I won’t get worked up over a concept with no proof.

    people have been convicted of voter fraud but that’s a good thing because it shows the system works.
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  4. Terrible champagne choice split that many ways. Should have gone more top shelf.
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  5. There is no single system. Each state legislature gets to design and manage their election processes. There are some states where one party is so in control (theoretically either way) that it invites fraud - and has for a long time. This does not get fixed because they have control and it works for them. When the opponent party brings charges of fraud to the courts, the courts are not inclined to get involved unless it can be proven that enough votes were fraudulent to change the result and that is a near impossible threshold to clear, especially when the state election officials control the evidence. So nothing changes. And we keep rolling, accepting what should be unacceptable.
  6. And no flutes?!
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. well this is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard. surely this is a bit ran by a Democrat, right?

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I don’t care for champagne. If I’m going to drink something bubbly, I prefer Prosecco.

    Of course I’d rather have bourbon or scotch
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    Interesting. Who thought that hire was a good idea? Apparently Zuckerberg donated a ton of money to organizations working local elections.

    Edit. This CTCL organization funded by Zuckerberg donated $15M to Dallas County Elections Department. What was that money for?

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  13. Obama judge. The burden is on the Trump campaign to prove fraud but anything short of a confession isn't going to be recognized by Obama judges and elected Democrat judges. Kind of like how Al Gore would have been president if the Florida Supreme Court had had its way. As Trump says, we'll see what happens. It may ultimately be nothing but it won't be because some political operatives masquerading as judges have the final say.
  14. What’s weird is everyone except the presidential candidate was red
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  15. You can project a lot of things onto a judge based on who appointed them. But you can’t then simultaneously ignore that the guy was a card carrying Republican and member of the NRA and Federalist Society.
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    Not weird at all. A number of highly educated conservatives (even some evangelicals!) hate Trump’s morals, immigration policies, and antics enough to pull the lever for Joe Biden (the moderate out of the democratic field) AND check him with John Cornyn etc. When you look at trends nationwide it is actually quite unsurprising. I have quite a few friends who did this very thing—or at least their wives did and they skipped the presidential line.
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  18. When are people going to figure out that this zero-evidence claim of “election fraud” is simply an excuse to keep raising money to pay off campaign debt (for a campaign whose billionaire candidate never contributed a dime) and fund a post-presidency PAC/slush fund? The only fraud happening is the Trump campaign pretending they’re taking their true believers money for any legitimate fight. This is all about lining pockets and maintaining a stranglehold on the party.

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