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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. You state that like it's a fact, when in reality both men have been cleared by physicians. I think Trump is just a narcissist who says dumb things, and Biden is a little overly affectionate, but let's not pretend we can diagnose them.

    Even IF it were true, the team they surround themselves with is the tie-breaker for me. Kamala is miles better than Pence, who sleeps with his socks on for sure, and Biden is surrounding himself with rivals, where Trump surrounds himself with family.

    Appreciate the tone of your disagreement though, not trying to be a fighter or anything (although I can do that as some have seen), just a dude sharing his views.
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  2. Appreciate your tone as well, but you state that Kamala is miles better than Pence like it's fact. LOL.
  3. Guess we'll see who does better at the Vice Presidential debate.

  4. [​IMG]
  5. Are they going to have one? When is the Presidential debate? Usually there are at least two of those?
  6. Trump isn't a young man, but he's 74 not 78.
  7. So if Biden wins and gets his Gun Ban passed, what's it going to look like when they try to forcibly "Buy Back" 16-20 million semi-automatic rifles?
  8. Civil War

    That's the plan, though. They will ban "assault weapons" and define "assault weapons" to mean whatever the hell they want it to mean.

    There are very few things I think would ignite an actual civil war in this country, but a gun ban is definitely one of them

    Who are going to be the poor schmucks that have to round up these now illegal guns? Will they only go to the white suburbs or try to round up guns from gang bangers in the inner city? Or out in rural areas? Regardless, those responsible for the confiscating would have to do it in full riot gear, and I doubt that would still be enough
  9. I don’t know the details of what a “gun ban” would look like, and I am more gun-friendly than most Dems I’ll admit, but even if you disagree with him on guns, the benefits of a sane president vastly outweigh the consequences of what we have now
  10. Your mom’s calling, meatloaf is ready and it’s supper time
  11. VP one is scheduled for early October, not sure about actual presidential ones, may have been rearranged due to the pandemic
  12. [​IMG]
  13. Even Kamala is smart enough to cover up when creepy Joe walks by.

  14. Well, that's the joke here.
  15. Anyone that doesn't find that behavior just morally repugnant or tries to defend that as normal is any way, shape or form might have some issues of their own.
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  16. No comment, just found this funny...

  17. Not sure if that's the Republican or Democratic translation.

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    I’m sure you’re applying that same standard to the guy who slept with a porn star while his wife was pregnant then paid her off.
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  19. ATF getting ready for a Biden administration

  20. Should have been a box of Corn Pops.
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