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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Correct, but not with the frequency nor scope of the President.

    I know it's hard to believe, but it's possible to be disgusted with the current President's track record of exceptional dishonesty...and not be voting for Biden. He is not my candidate.
  2. Colbert stopped being entertaining years ago.
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  3. Not sure if you are talking about this board or across the country, but really don't think there is much difference between people that are conservative or liberal in terms of emotional intelligence/maturity. Like any sampling of humans, there is a spectrum of behaviors, good and bad, but overall the parties are pretty much the same because deep down, we are all pretty much the same.

    I think Trump can win but I feel better about Biden's chances for several reasons- stability of the election, Trump entrenched disapproval, fewer undecideds, Biden approval with independents, huge gender gap, no real third party cyphon, etc. But anything can happen, and the early voting and pandemic are big wild cards, as is Trump's energetic populist following. I think a 1 in 6 dice roll seems about right. Might end up more like a MLB chance at a hit (i..e. .250) in the end.
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    No the difference is nobody seriously gives a tinkers damn whether CoryBooker ever lived in Newark or not. It is minutia. You guys sit around going bananas over stupid [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] like that while Joe lies about something that will cost us millions of jobs. Get a grip.
  5. Man, Dems are doing everything they can to lose this...

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    Folks, this is what "selling out" looks like. A sitting President can lie, objectively clearly and without any excuse, and his fans will dismiss it. They don't care because they benefit. Remember when Republicans had principles?
  7. I can see it now - millions of undecided PA voters sit down to watch the evening news, in the back of their mind fretting who to vote for. the lead story on the news is a cop car on fire and suddenly it clicks - vote trump!

    trump has a chance to win PA but it won’t be because this cop car was on fire. a car being on fire is a normal Monday in philly.
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  8. my favorite on here is when people claim that the president doesn’t mean what he says and that we shouldn’t listen to what he says.
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  9. About what has he been "exceptionally" dishonest?

    You said Biden doesn't lie "...with the frequency nor scope of the President." Can you flesh that out a little bit for me?
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  11. You are kidding yourself if you see this and think it helps people decide to vote for the party whose increasingly powerful wing supports stuff like this.
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    What's the point? Literally any source I post regarding the quantity of the President's lies will be met with "lol *insert source here* is a liberal rag", or we will end up with a [ teat ] for tat "well here are a few things Biden lied about (true) so that means they both lie an equal amount (not true)".

    Here's what isn't disputed: There are numerous examples of Trump making easily verifiably false claims. Not spin, just "what you said is not accurate in any sense of the word". From election season claiming that 3,000,000 illegal votes being the reason he lost the popular vote, to Day One of the Presidency claiming his inauguration had more people than President Obama's, to yesterday's claim about Booker, to any number of claims during the presidency over the last four years. This is met with either "oh it doesn't matter if he lies his face off, they all do" (they don't, not at this level), or "lol TDS you're obsessed".

    (I'm sure this, in turn, will be met with "so you have no proof, smdh" or whatever).
  13. You’ll see a huge swing in the polls later this week. These pollsters know if they don’t hedge their bets after predicting that Biden will win by double digits and somehow Trump wins that they will lose all of the credibility they have left after 2016.
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  14. I’m sure all the very stable and serious republicans here will argue, but the videos the campaigns are releasing here at the one-week mark summarize the narrowness and pettiness of Trump’s campaign and the broadness and seriousness of Biden’s. The desperate plea to “own the libs” vs. a strategy to win independents and undecided voters. Tells you all you need to know about what the campaigns’ internals are telling them about the state of the race: Biden is playing with house money to bring even more into the fold and Trump is doing so poorly he needs to find ways to rev up the base in places he shouldn’t have to be working so hard to win.

  15. Well I'm certainly not going to completely dismiss it out of hand. What I will say is that, objectively speaking (yes...I know that's rarely possible in a politically charged election cycle), there are just not enough specific examples available to confidently say that Trump's dishonesty is "exceptionally" more pervasive than that of Biden's (or any politician in our existing climate).

    You say, "What's the point?", and say that it'll just be dismissed as TDS or obsessive, but specifics ARE the point. Without them the outcry is just hyperbole and THAT is what makes it easily dismissed.
  16. Look man, I try to stay as objective as I can, but even you have to recognize how ridiculous this post really is. At no point has Biden actually articulated any actual platform or plan to address any of the issues that our country is facing. Literally, his entire message throughout this entire campaign has been "Trump is bad, bad, bad".
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    Members of Bookers own city council accused him of this for years. Don’t know the facts but apparently you do so congratulations. In my opinion this scorched earth sales pitch you are currently making smells like desperation.
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  18. I think you meant trump rather than Biden. there are no second term priorities or policies trumps campaign has identified. He wants to repeal ACA - what’s his healthcare replacement? He wants the cleanest air ever - whats his environmental policies? what are his second term objectives? he has ballooned federal spending and debt - is there any plan to tackle that?

    if platforms and policies are so crucial for a president then you shouldn’t be voting for trump.
  19. One thing is for sure...we can always count on you to deliver a passive/aggressive, self-righteous, sanctimonious dig at your opposition.

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