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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Hmm that’s funny. I wonder who’s buddy has been trying to ruin the USPS...
  2. Answer the question. Hypocrite.
  3. Depends who you vote for.
  4. I am a registered Independent FWIW. I will never, ever join a party. They suck. I wish there was a way to get rid of the party system.
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  5. With a one party system imagine how carefree election season will be.
  6. There is - Vote Democrat and when they add PR and DC and pack the court there will in effect only be one party, and your problem is solved.
  7. Won’t have to worry about voter fraud!
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  8. Yeah, I want no political parties. Or at least for their power to be greatly diminished.
  9. Look into Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia. The good life.
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  10. surprisingly it still is an issue when you have multiple candidates of the same party running for an elected position
  11. They have political parties, no?

    I just think political parties and my "team" and your "team" like partisan people like to think is hurting the country. Nothing in the constitution about political parties, btw. In fact they tried to prevent them from forming:


  12. Free thinking black people .. Uncle Toms to liberals. How sad. At least this clown was held accountable and fired.


    Senator Scott has been called a token, Uncle Tom, "carrying water", etc , all by those non-racist liberals. scheissing hypocrites.
  13. "We will never win elections if people vote" is.... definitely an interesting argument for the GOP to take.
  14. You’re a dishonest hack. We both know why you refuse to answer the question. You’ve made the list, you’re not worth discussing things with.

    Be careful that you don’t drown in your own drool. Peace.
  15. question, we all now know that under no circumstances should a white person ever use a certain word, but why would a white person who would be horrified in the usage of that word ever think it would be appropriate for them to call a black person an uncle tom?

    then again we are talking to a tv sportscaster so it is possible to simply typed what he read on a teleprompter
  16. Not what I said or meant.
  17. If you want to call them parties. Yea the Chinese Communist Party has the word party in it. Other socialist/communist countries have parties and “elections” but everybody knows where the power is.
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  18. Take a look at what happened in PR after the hurricane as far as corruption and you answer your own question.

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