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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. I've been hearing all along that Trump hates poor people, and now you're saying that they should love him. Well, ok.
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  2. BFD

    In the past 10 days I've received 3 "urgent personal request" letters addressed to me from Donald J Trump and a letter from (also addressed to me) from Melania that was labeled "Check Enclosed". Joni Ernst also sent me an email asking for money.

    Someone's mailing list is really out of date.
  3. Yeah for me, if I'm picking between easier and harder, I'm definitely picking easier. I don't like the idea of creating hurdles that prevent people from voting, just to prevent a rare hypothetical fraud situation. I think that is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  4. What is preventing someone that is interested in casting a vote from voting right now? You give me a scenario that makes it hard for someone to vote, i will offer an easy solution. That is, IF the person is truly interested in voting.
  5. YGBSM!!!

    The Governor of Texas has the power to micro-manage the activities of county election boards?
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  6. Not sure what you mean with the "really interested in voting" disclaimer. I mean for me, if someone wants to vote, that should be enough, no?
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  7. with this level of government spending and low taxation everyone should love him - rich and poor. it’s just not sustainable. the people that hate it are our kids and grandkids who aren’t old enough to vote but will bear the significant debt.
  8. Why can every other advanced nation on earth have better voting security than us. Like all of those European nations you guys aspire to be for example.
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  9. Really? 17 years after moving from California, I got a mail in ballot at my Arizona address that had been forwarded somehow. For 17 years, someone else got ballots with my name on them. I called the Orange County Voter Registrar and she could not explain how that might happen, but for the second time, I removed my registration from their rolls.
  10. Todd said this.

    That is a fact.
  11. Keeps them busy so they can't loot and burn cities.
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    Hahahaha. Making ship up. Even the Supreme Court says voter suppression doesn't exist. But if one ballot or 1,000 ballots are tossed in the trash then it's not secure. (and surely even a lawyer can google both)

    Somehow people confuse vote security with suppression, yet almost every other advanced nation on earth can require photo ID.
  13. Straw man. Who said anything about security or Europe? I have no idea how European countries conduct their elections. If they are in fact more secure than ours, maybe we should look into what they’re doing.

    You still haven’t addressed the other posts reference racism. Why is that? Could it be that you’re the one who’s hypocritical?

  14. Seems they've really got these mail-in ballots dialed in
  15. While I doubt the voracity of your claim. Assuming it is true: prosecution.
  16. I was addressing voting issues. You still haven't answered why you're voting for a racist. smfh
  17. Doesn't happen, fake news. Members here are 100% certain of that.
  18. I haven’t said who I’m voting for.
    I’ve gone on record and said that there are some troubling things about Biden and Harris that I do not like and that I haven’t made up my mind between them or Jorgensen. But keep on keeping on hypocrite.
  19. You obviously haven’t paid attention to your party the last 5 years.
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  20. lmao, tyler durdin 2.0

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