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  1. I've seen that Baylor has an E-sports team. Would that be a good idea for TCU? I don't know much about it. Is it considered a true sport similar to the others or is it like a club team? Seems like it would be a pretty small capital investment comparably that could accommodate men and women.

    In some future time frame, I can see it being a major "sport". It's already a big deal on an international level.
  2. They already televise some of them. I've seen them on espn and tbs before.
  3. ... are scheissing stupid. God help the future of this doomed society we live in.
  4. I think I would rather watch Maniac's Quidditch team.
  5. Nailed it.
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  6. GP could never coach Quidditch. Impossible to win by one. That said, is there a Quidditch Lingerie League?
  7. We could recruit Sheldon, Wolowitz, Leonard and Koothrappali. Penny would be their Show Girl.
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  8. I agree its a big deal and will continue to grow, but let's not refer to it as "sports."
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  9. I completely agree with this, and I am what most people would consider a "gamer" in that I heavily play PC games.

    However, I am under no delusion that what I do is a sport.
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  10. I took my two boys to a "SmashCon" convention when they were about 8 and 12. These "fans" (and it was about 95% male) literally sit and watch other guys play Smash Brothers Brawl. Apparently there are "famous" players who come to sign autographs. Biggest gathering of nerd I've ever seen. The only plus was one of the booths selling some gaming crap had a chick who looked like a real-life anime girl.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Little known fact: Sheldon and Leonard are named after Sheldon Leonard, an old movie actor and producer the creators of the show admired.
  13. I don’t consider equestrian or rifle a sport due to lack of physical exertion and more of a hobby category...could argue same for e-sports
  14. For the record, I've never played nor been part of a "quidditch" team.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. I could see you being the Golden Snitch or being a spectator that seems to always find his way on the Quidditch Jumbotron.
  17. What's worse: playing quidditch, or watching someone play quidditch??
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  18. Yes
  19. Gaming is a huge industry and there is lots of money for the top competitive gamers and streamers. I'm not going to argue it as a "sport" but I think it would be imprudent to ignore.
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  20. I will continue ignoring it forever but what you're saying is unfortunately true. And that's why society is totally scheissed.

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