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Duggan a Top 25 QB

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleFrogger, Oct 12, 2020.

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  2. Before this last game I might have argued higher... now I want to see how he plays going forward.
  3. By the way, was Downing on the list? LOL
  4. He broke the list and our season.....
  5. Duggan is being so severely hurt by this offense scheme, he could be the best or worst QB in the country and it would be near impossible to tell.
  6. Average at best.
  7. bruh
  8. Duggan needs better protection.
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  9. During Leach’s halftime interview they asked him if he was going to make a change at QB. He said “It doesn’t matter who is at QB when the Oline doesn’t block”. It really is that simple. With no consistent Oline play you can’t win games in a competitive league.
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  10. This is simply not true. A good amount of what separates good QB play from bad QB play is what happens on plays where the blocking isn't there. Great QBs get rid of the ball quickly and don't make mistakes when the pocket collapses quickly. Bad ones make all kinds of mistakes and then everyone wants to blame the blocking.

    I couldn't care less what Leach has to say. He throws his players under the bus all the time. The one thing you won't see him do is fault his [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty system that leaves his O-lineman hanging out to dry. He'll complain that his guys can't block a 3-man front when he runs the ball about 10% of the time. SMH.
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  11. A little of both. The QB can help make the offensive line look better by navigating the pocket well and getting rid of the ball on time, but sometimes the offensive line is so terrible it doesn't matter what the QB does...
  12. And sometimes the scheme and offensive philosophy sucks so bad the O-line has little chance to effectively block plays.
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  13. Leach has long had a bad habit of publicly trashing his players and assistants after a loss. He's really a classless individual in many respects.

    Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where too many people fawn over eccentric characters even when the eccentricities of some of those characters are actually quite calculated and deliberate in origin. "The Pirate" is a prime example of that phenomenon.
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  14. Agree it is a little of both. Offensive coordinators should design a passing game that provides for quicker passes and roll the QB out if the Oline can't protect. Watch the Bama offense. Their QB takes a couple of steps back and throws quick. There is no time to get to him. So I put it on the coaches to both improve pass blocking and run an offense to avoid that kind of constant pressure and assault on our QB.
  15. this and i truly don't understand utilizing an offense that has your quarterback as the centerpiece in the run game especially when you only have one effective quarterback

    top of my head texas is the only other program i can think of that utilizes the quarterback as much as tcu in the run game
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  16. Duggan was so severely beaten up last week, they were contemplating taking him to the hospital to check for possible spleen damage.
  17. there is a simple solution, but it doesn't fit with meacham's offense

    neither do tight ends, but 160 lb slot receivers rule the freaking day
  18. I don't doubt that. As many hits as he's taking in the passing game it's incredible that some idiot coach wants to using as a battering ram in the run game.
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  19. Truth. Leach is a trash individual and I would never send my kid to play for him.
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  20. Change my mind.

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