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Don't place your bet on a 2020 football season

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by asleep003, Jun 30, 2020 at 6:47 PM.

  1. Absolutely hope to be 100% wrong

    Will we even make it to week one before more than 1/2 the FB programs are shut down..?.

    Is there only one way to have it ... lock down the total team environment, including Kids/Coaches/Staff(including training table/help)/etc.

    We're looking at a society/population that does not have full compliance on the saftey for themselve or other.

    2021 should be good... so get use to watching 1985- 2019 football this fall on ESPN/FS1/ and NFLN.
  2. We are going to play this season even if we have to start the Show Girls.
  3. At this rate, 2021 might be listed as questionable.
  4. I certainly hope not...
  5. $4Bn out the window? yeh I don’t know

    Clemson has already had close to half their team contract and recover from COVID. UT and others are right behind. For all we know, TCU is working our way through it now
  6. Anyone who wants to watch sports is a murderer. All those involved with the PGA and nascar and UFC should be jailed for attempted murder!
  7. I really don’t know how it’s gonna work. But also the money seems so huge that they could figure out a way.

    where I think it could fall apart is not football specifically but if there’s outbreaks at schools or in other sports. Slippery slope in terms of how you treat football players versus other students and athletes.
  8. has anyone heard about any outbreaks in the bunsdeligia, the epl, or the australian rules football league?
  9. Ultimately it’s the difference between pro leagues and college. CFB is tied to the health of the schools and also other sports teams. I’m hopeful they can get it done but it is precarious situation no matter how you slice it / and it will ultimately come down to the nuance of small things...which will seem trivial to many.

  10. I agree except the frenzy is baseless, it’s politically-driven.
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  11. I'd pay money to see that. Heard they are good. Wonder if that idea has crossed ADJD's desk.
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  12. I predict that the 2nd week of November the virus will magically go away and football will be played.
  13. I went forward in time to view possible outcomes of the current conflict. I saw 14,000,605. There was a football season in 1.

    We're in the endgame now.
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  14. Today, three times the deaths over yesterday and 4 times the deaths over day before yesterday... and averaging around 40k cases daily... its only bound to grow.

    Lets hope we get a season in ... please, while growing up and wearing masks together !
  15. While I disagree with those who don't think the surge in cases bodes poorly for future numbers, Tuesday is always the "bad" day. Look at daily reported deaths here and you see the consistent weekly trend, as well as the overall downward trend over the last few weeks.
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  16. Why would the day of the week make any difference?
  17. Because those that report those numbers always have a case of the Mondays?
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  18. No way to know the answer to this but how many college football players will get Covid from just being young and doing young people things vs how many will get it through playing football? Maybe keeping yourself healthy in order to play gives at least some desire to moderate your risks from other behaviors. It's not they either play football or they stay home and social distance. That is just not how being 18-22 works.
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