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Don't hold your breath for a 2020 FB season.

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by asleep003, May 24, 2020.

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    Absolutely hope to be 100% wrong!

    Will we even make it to week one before more than half the programs are shut down.

    Is the only way to have it, is a lock down team environment/kids/coaches and staff(training table included) etc.

    If several programs(God forbid) start having the Church/ Beach/ Nursing Home scenarios... it's over.

    If even possible to make it to week 1... how long does an almost impossible task to last ?.

    We're looking at a population that does not have full compliance on the safety for themselves or others.

    2021 should be good... so get use to watching 1985 - 2019 football this fall on ESPN/ FS1/ NFLN ....
  2. How’s the “Florida will be the next Italy in two weeks for allowing spring break” working out for you Doom and Gloomers?
  3. LMAO.... official troll status. It's a shame, I actually enjoyed the banter when I thought you might be semi serious.
  4. This post reflects much ignorance.

    Go to the CDC site. Look at the death statistics. If you are 24 or under you are literally more likely to die of a lightning strike than covid.

    90% plus fatalities are over 54 and if we could see all the comorbidities we would see that vast majority of the dead had existing comorbidities

    CDC at least doesn’t hide their methodology. ANY DEATH where someone has tested positive for covid is listed as a covid death regardless of cause. They even list as covid deaths people who haven’t tested positive so long as they have some of the covid symptoms (so-called “presumptive covid”).

    Bottom line , this thing has never been as dangerous as the dumbass Hysterical medical industry have promoted. Remember, what are they selling? Drugs and medical services.

    Turning over our government and policy making to doctors is perhaps the single dumbest thing our government has done in the last 225 years.
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  5. Youz a troooooll
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    I said that youz a troooooll
  6. I have wondered if he may be trolling but then, on the other hand, Mistleturd/Asleep has been a pretty convincing idiot over a period of many years on many subjects so it may just be that he actually believes the nonsense he types.
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  7. Spoken like a true murderer.
  8. Last paragraph....amen.
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  9. I'm familiar with the nursing home scenario, particularly in New York, where Cuomo sent infected patients and killed thousands.

    I'm not aware of a single COVID death caused by people going to the beach, or church.

    Your wish is granted.
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  10. Slavery?
  11. Racist IMO.
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  13. yes on March 25 the NY DoH initiated a policy pushed through by cuomo to place recovering covid px from hospitals into nursing homes, where the most vulnerable people are. 4,500 were placed there eventually before it dawned on somebody how unimaginably stupid it was. AP reported on this Thursday. This was happening at the same time that most nursing homes were on a complete lockdown, as Steel knows well because his own father is in a nursing home and Steel hasn’t been able to visit him since early March.

    cuomo should fry politically from this single decision, not to mention terrible handling of the underground NY subway system, along with the moron diblasio
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  14. Sad that one's hatred for Cheetoh Man is so great that he would wish for there to not be a season.
  15. under current mores of course it was irredeemably bad

    however, it did propel the USA into a leading economic power in the years before the civil war, with the USA producing 75% of all the worlds cotton and slaves were the single largest asset class in the USA
  16. I'm sure LVH will give this a like
  17. I won't ask other than its your gut feeling and you won't ask me why I think otherwise.

    So, I do think we will have a football season, but I do think it will be abbreviated. I, (here we go again "I") think it will halt around Thanksgiving, which means no post season, etc. Some details are still up in the air but the conference presidents and AD's have a pretty good idea what will transpire at THIS point. At some point in the near weeks, a decision will have to be made.

    What to think about the NFL? I think the conference presidents are sitting in the back pocket of the NFL owners. listening to every hiccup the pro boys make. If the pro's make a positive show toward 'actual play on Sunday's, decisions might be easier to'consider.

    What to do, what to do! I'm very concerned for our safety and very concerned about our economy, all at the same time!

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