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  1. I want more details. How’d they get the reservation in the first place? I like this AD
  2. Agreed. It would have been better if they didn't get the reservation. IIRC, you have to fill out a decent amount of info when you reserve.

    It's been a long time since I looked into it, but do you buy the tickets/request the reservation and it either gets approved or cancelled/refunded?
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  3. Donati was CDC lawyer so I’m sure he is within his boundaries
  4. It’s not that detailed. You can call the ticket office and reserve it for a birthday party or whatever. They don’t ask party affiliation or for rank and SSN. If they hadn’t broadcast it on Twitter they would have been sitting there. Pretty hard to screen for non-fans I would think. Even limiting non-season ticket holders doesn’t guarantee anything. Plenty of non-TCU metroplex fans buy season tickets for their one game/series.
  5. I remember looking into it for my birthday...but that was when I was young and they were brand new.
  6. The funniest part is that he tagged Del Conte in Donati's response. What a little [ hundin].
  7. Wonder if Donati and CDC are having a good laugh over that. Sure CDC will find an equal or better revenge opportunity/caper to laugh over, down the road.
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  8. Our visiting seats at DK Royal are already in the corner of the upper deck. The baseball equivalent would've been to have all the "Exes" seated in the TCU track stadium.
  9. Well we can now thank UT for taking old whistle britches CDC. JD making his bones. New sheriff in town.
  10. If I had Twitter, I'd have to man crush on him right now after being pissed about the Texas Ex thing posted earlier this week. Glad the news got to him, and he had a massive pair to cancel on them!!!
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  12. “Because it’s our stadium. Look hornhead, it’s simple-Russians are allowed to visit Israel, if they telegraph an invasion with hordes of pompous orange wearing troops pretending to be Rabis, the Israelis might not be so welcoming. Caprice?”
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  13. That’d be capisce.
  14. Sun or Limited?
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  15. REF, may just be you’re best post EVER!
  16. Kind reminder, CDC had our band march all the way to the top of DKR last fall. Not cool and I'm sure the unkind gesture will be returned this fall with UT arrives in Fort Worth.
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  17. Neither, auto correct. Capisce?
  18. scheiss CDC

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