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Donati needs to come out and say we will have 100% capacity in the stands

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by LVH, May 31, 2020.

  1. And he should also announce that we are going to cure cancer, stop global warming and send astronauts to mars at the same time.
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  2. might as well, if he only delivers on unrestricted stadium access and diced onions for hotdogs at the baseball games he is a hero
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  3. And the Nuclear Green Relish! Can we get that too?
  4. my preference would be better mustard, but if we are pushing the limit i am open to asking for the hat trick of diced onions, nuclear green relish, and brown mustard
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  5. Nah, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 last week that religious freedom no longer exists, and that the soulless Peoples Republic of California knows better than the Founding Fathers.
  6. I'm sure that is a big relief to the 95,000 "other deaths". According to you, I (age 75) who have had two heart attacks, and am diabetic, contract the virus (say from some soul not wearing a mask in public) and die. My stats belong in some other column than Covid-19?
    What a statistical relief -- both for me and the unmasked free-speech-advocate who infected me.
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  7. have you ever thought about naming the athletic department as the beneficiary of your life insurance

    just asking for a friend
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  8. It’s permanently attached.
  9. So stay home and self isolate. Or don't. Wear a mask. I wear one everywhere I go.

    Either way, let the rest of us live our lives. You or I could die in a car wreck tomorrow. Or from a heart attack. Or an armed robbery. Or a tornado. Or cancer. The list goes on ad astra. Shutting down civilization as we know it because of this is beyond absurd, and your younger self would have said the exact same thing.
  10. Stay home.
  11. Patterson 1:1 "Gotta grow up."
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  12. Been there; done that; been doing that. As Wibarger said to Gus in Lonesome Dove, "If you offered me a choice, I didn't notice.
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  13. Such a terrific mini-series. We watch the whole set at least twice a year. All of the sequels and side-stories are great, too.

    Plus, young Diane Lane. I mean, come on. :)
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  14. 40-ish Diane Lane...I mean, come on. Diane Lane in her 50’s....I mean, come on.
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  15. As long as we promise to stage a protest before kick-off then I'm pretty sure we will be allowed to put as many people into the stadium as we want, as close together as we want, and no masks or other restrictions necessary.
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  16. Dumbest post I’ve read on KF.c. The 110k is less than the actual number. But keep believing what you want to believe. People were dying from this back in January and it was called the flu. Our wrestling coach was on life support and our assistant wrestling coach died before people knew the virus was here. They thought the pneumonia that they both got was the flu. It was 100% from the virus. The entire wrestling team got it and it went through our school like wildfire. It was killing people before we knew what it was and before we knew it was in the US. But keep making yourself feel better and believe what you want to believe. Please don’t drink the bleach. Even though we don’t agree, we need our frog fans to stay healthy.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Such a ridiculous take. Wait until you have a loved one die from this.
  19. I've had two loved ones die in an automobile accident. My best friend in elementary school was abducted and murdered at the lake. My uncle died from an electrical accident while on the job.

    I still drive and ride in vehicles. I still go to the lake. I still use electricity, and the country doesn't shut down because of those things.

    But go ahead and be a useful idiot to the propagandists, alarmists, and nefarious agents of the mainstream media and radical left. You are the problem and don't even realize it.
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    You are the same poster who thinks that the COVID deaths are under 5 k because of your conspiracies. Speaking of useful idiots. GFY

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