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Donati needs to come out and say we will have 100% capacity in the stands

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by LVH, May 31, 2020.

  1. The fact the media and politicians for 2 months said we are all going to die if we go outside and engage in large gatherings, and now all of a sudden are silent when it comes to mass gatherings, shows that the COVID response was a gross overreaction fueled by fear and [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ]. There never was any threat.

    Lead by example Donati.
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  2. Thought I saw where OK State intends to have 100% attendance if their state officials allow it
  3. It’s not really his decision, right?
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  4. No, it's not. We're going to be doing the same thing every other school in Texas does, and most likely what every other school in the country does, save for maybe California and New York.
  5. 110,000 dead and counting doesn’t seem like a gross exaggeration. But to your point why would he go against Abbott’s orders? Seems like a stupid idea to me until he has backing from the Governor.
  6. LOL there are maybe 5,000 deaths that were actually caused by COVID-19...as in, where a true forensic pathology report would hold up in a civil or criminal court. Most of these cases have been ancillary at best.

    The overwhelming majority of deaths associated with COVID-19 are in people who had major comorbidities, and COVID-19 wasn't even necessarily tested for in many of those early cases. In fact, just being "symptomatic" was enough to make it onto death certificates and into the big databases.

    Bottom line, there are very VERY few people who have truly died because of COVID-19.
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  7. It’s really hard to tell which of you are doing a bit, being sarcastic, or being serious.

    Carry on.
  8. You would have been very popular in the Corona thread.
  9. Abbott needs to announce the next phases of reopening

    The way things are going, I expect this to appear in the night sky soon, so it won’t matter

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  10. How bout we go back to work?
  11. Thankfully, I never stopped working
  12. this is a great idea. there’s nothing more american than exercising the freedom to make poor choices. while we are at it we should ban all PPE equipment and take out any hand sanitizing stations. this is our time to stand up and show we aren’t sheep.
  13. Well, if the riots have accomplished one thing, it was to fully erase the Plague nonsense from the minds of everyone. Unless you're heading out for an exciting night of looting and violence, there's no need for a mask.

    It also answers the wry question of several weeks ago: "Are you afraid of disease, or are you here to rob the place?"
  14. These are weird times when you are encouraged to wear a mask when entering a liquor store or a 7 - 11....
  15. Another tin foil hat for LVH.
  16. Bill Maher lit up Fauci the other night for all his contradicting statements. Not a fan but it was great.
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  17. I'll bet the Little Quack waddled into that thinking he was going to be showered with praise. Uh oh!
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  18. Perhaps we could pull the religion card and say football is an important part of the Disciples of Christ Saturday afternoon services and that maximum attendance is required.
  19. Patterson 6:7 “Gotta score one more point than the other team.”

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