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Don’t ever be this guy (Penn St fan)

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Sounds like a Baylor kind of guy quite frankly.
  2. Bob-like. We've all got them.
  3. My first reaction: I didn't realize Bob was also a Penn State fan.
  4. Friends of Jerry Sandusky no doubt.
  5. Hits on so many different things there that it almost seems like some kind of weird attempt at a joke. Like its written by some Pitt fan who thought it would be funny to act like a stupid Penn St fan just to piss off the Penn St players.

    But alas there are real people out there who really have these opinions so who knows.
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  6. Too far!
  7. Dreadlocks and tattoos are a one way ticket to ye ole fire pond
  8. From an article I found:

    “Petersen [the letter writer] has a history of writing similar letters to newspapers in Pennsylvania, including criticizing people with tattoos, saying they should only be on people in prison or “drug gangs,”; saying that educating children about Muslim holidays is offensive to 9/11 victims and survivors; and that babies and young children should not be allowed in public if they make noise.”

    Sounds like some of the people who comment on Star-Telegram articles online.
  9. He seems nice and also rational. I bet he’s a hoot on a plane when there is a crying baby or he doesn’t get his free ginger ale quickly enough.
  10. No. Not in the least.
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  11. The guy who wrote the letter is clearly a moron but no evidence to suggest he's anything in the neighborhood of a serial child molester.
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  12. That was actually my first thought.... no way this is real, some opposing fan wrote this. But you’re right, the average human these days is a complete jackhole so......
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  13. I think he lives in my neighborhood....
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  14. Retirement community?
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  15. way beyond that...........
  16. Are we sure this isn't a fake letter to cause embarrassment to Penn State?
  17. There are some idiots who don’t think Sandusky is guilty of these crimes. This guy sounds like someone who might not live in reality.

    I’m sure Sandusky was a popular coach before the scandal broke. I’m sure he had lots of friends. I’d be curious to hear his opinion on the subject.
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  18. I can tell you what hat he wears!
  19. SMH. Statistically, 53 people were murdered yesterday in the U.S., 372 were raped, 101 were killed by drunk drivers, and somewhere between 2,530 and 8,219 women suffered some sort of domestic violence. Not to mention the numerous other real tragedies that occur daily.

    But social media is ablaze because some idiot in rural PA has a bad opinion. The national news is now covering it, and the school even issued a statement about it. James Franklin got all emotional in a press conference.

    God help us. It’s a stupid letter.

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