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Does TCU have free speech zones on its campus?

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by ThisIsOurTime, May 14, 2019.

  1. A number of universities have designated areas on their campus where one can give free speech. I was curious if TCU has done so as well. I was watching some of the Steven Crowder videos on campus and it looks like some of them he is talking in an area on campus and others he is setting up shop on the public sidewalk. My guess is he originally had permission to talk on campus and then moved to the public sidewalk after getting some pushback but don't know.

    I am just curious how does this work for other folks who want to give talks or pass out fliers such as street preachers or people handing out fliers for various things? When I went to school, I don't really recall seeing these people even on the public sidewalks.
  2. I know that when I went to school, if we wanted to pass out flyers or set up a table on University property, we had to get approval and do so at an approved location. That was for students and recognized organizations. I would imagine that any non-student would face a similar permit process, presumably a bit more stringent since they aren't affiliated with any university sponsored organization.

    I think your assumption about Crowder is spot on. The Male Privilege video was first, if I remember correctly, and that one was held on campus. I have to think he had some sort of permission. When that one blew up, wondering if TCU said "Alright, let's not do that one again", hence why the Rape Culture one was held on the public street. I don't know if TCU retains any control over the streets directly adjacent to the University. Certainly their trademarks are being broadcast, but that would probably fall under freedom of the press.
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