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Does Steve Sarkisian as Texas coach make you fear them more?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Jan 3, 2021.


Does Steve Sarkisian make you fear the UT football program now?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Don't really care about Sark, but what is the point of debating whether 2014 and 2015 were because of great coaching or great players at this point? Our offense has pretty much stunk for 5 years now and the one constant was Cumbie (and for most of that time Meacham).......even if '14-'15 were due to elite level coaching a change is/was probably in order because the coaches apparently can't make adjustments.

    Mike Leach was a great offensive coach at one time. Now he runs a stale, dated, predictable offense that scares exactly nobody.
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  2. I'm not debating any of that. You seem to have read way too much into my comment.
  3. I actually think he gets better talent than he did at USC. Even with the off seasons, Texas has found itself better suited for attention than USC. If USC turns it around, who knows. They are both traditional big brand names. If USC can get recruit on campus, there is a enough scene wise to help land a recruit.
  4. Reportedly, the scouting budget/resources at Bama are just unreal. Guessing Ohio State is a similar situation.
    My guess is he learned a lot under Saban. If Saban wins the Natty, I have no problem calling him the greatest of all time. I don't really have a problem saying that already. When the Bear was winning, he did not have as much competition and limits as what Saban faces.

    In other news, I hate that I have to give Bama probs. War Damn Eagle!
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  5. Wasn't it Herman who said to a reporter that he was told "don't get TCUed"?
    Yes, losing to TCU this much is a factor.
    For the record, I still think ut screwed up pushing out Mack.
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  6. haha you’re off man, they have had elite recruiting under Herman. UT’s #8 class in 2020 had the same average player rating as #5 Ohio state.

    In 2019, Ohio state had #14 class and Clemson had #10 while ut had #3.

    2018, #3 ut was higher than #5 bama and #7 Clemson. Herman was hired just before the 2017 season and only had 2 months to recruit the ‘17 class.

    The 2021 class is not finished yet so it’s too early to use that.
  7. If they shut up the donors and let him coach, then I'll be afraid.
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  8. Sark and CDC will be gone in less than 3 years.
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  9. there are rumors that barry odom is being considered for the dc position at texas and if that happens don't be shocked if sam carter were to follow him to austin
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    This will end well..

  11. I've not slept more than 30 minutes at a stretch since TU hired the guy. And I've switched from Jockey to Depends.
  12. have no freaking idea who the scheiss clayton mott is nor do i really want to know, but jeff banks is a recruiting witch and he is a big hire for sark and texas
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