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Dobbs Decision Discussion (Roe)


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It seems most of the outrage over Roe is from people who don’t understand the ruling. They think that abortion just got banned nationally and/or they think that medically necessary procedures are now banned
Or they understand it perfectly and simply want to promote totally false ideas in order to fan the flames.

See: "don't say gay" bill in Florida.


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From that well known unbiased journalist…

Dan Rather

I’m curious: which companies now paying for abortions for their employees also gave money to senators who voted to confirm the justices who gutted this constitutional right?
I'm curious as to why people keep calling this a constitutional right.

Did I miss something in the Constitution?


My favorite complaint this morning appears to be with Thomas' assertion that the court needs to reevaluate other decisions like the ones used to carve out "rights" for contraception and gay marriage. Without understanding the legal argument Thomas is making everyone is freaking out that he's coming for the gays and birth control pills next. But, if you read his opinions on those rulings you understand that his problem is when the court uses the 14th Amendment's Due Process as it's main foundational argument to legislate from the bench.
More than that, he cited this in a lone concurrence. The majority explicitly rejected this argument and argued that this shouldn't be used to overturn those rulings because unlike Roe, those rulings did not have to consider the potential life that might warrant legal protection, as Roe does. Those decisions are ones that you can argue the Constitution does not allow the government, be it state or federal, to interfere either because they involve consenting adultss (Obergfell, Lawrence) or protections against discrimination on the basis of sex (Obergfell). Roe was different, and the majority treated it as such. The notion that anyone outside of maybe Barrett would join Thomas in a case seeking to overturn those things doesn't seem likely.


Everyone agrees with that, of course. The rub stems from what is a baby. Some people think it is from conception, some at “quickening”, some at viability, some at parturition.

Baby and Fetus are just terms. A fetus in the womb still feels pain, can hear her parents voices, and deserves the same rights as a baby outside the womb.

Just because a car is plugged into the house while it’s in the garage doesn’t make it not a car.

Abortion is the horrific and cruel murder of a human being in the one place they should be the most safe.