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Dobbs Decision Discussion (Roe)

An-Cap Frog

I love whenever I mention your rapey religion, you point a different direction. That tells me a lot about you. I mean I guess you could do something about it, but why not point at other groups? Moral bankruptcy comes to mind....
Wait, we are talking about abortion and you keep bringing up "rapey priests." Makes no sense to me...

An-Cap Frog

Starting to doubt that whole "in this house, we believe science is real" posters.
Right, isn't the whole point of abortion that you want to kill the baby developing inside the womb? I mean we are not very far off from artificial wombs, we already do it for small mammals. What is the justification for killing a baby at that point when we can just take a fertilized egg and grow it in a science sack? Never mind the thousands of contraceptive options that exist that would prevent the fertilization of the egg in the first place.


I need information on how many of those Public School Employees are part of the Christian cult. My guess is most. Let's drill down a little further on that shall we?

sounds like something that would be a great topic to do a search

might want to try multiple variations of your inquiry


Our recent experience has given me a little more perspective on this

I do think it’s important that every baby gets a chance to live and I’m completely against aborting viable children when the pregnancy is healthy

However I think it’s incredibly cruel and inhumane to force a woman to carry to term a baby who has no chance of surviving, especially when doing so can force the mother to have an risky birth that could risk her life or ability to ever have children.

There has to be compassion and common sense. Two things our government never has.