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DMN: National reaction to TCU’s win over Kansas: Max Duggan’s stat line was the talk of the night

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. I was actually at that game - it was cold as hell but so enjoyable to wipe the goofy smiles off the faces of the BYU crowd. They were so stunned.
  2. I'm sure he will blossom under the new QB coach/OC next year.......
    or we could get the same [ #2020 ] sandwich with a new wrapper and a sesame seed bun for the fourth year in a row,
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  3. I still think he's hurt.
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    Duggan’s rushing stats at this point in his career are better than Boykin’s were after 2 seasons.

    Duggan has more rushing yards, a better average and more TD’s.

    For the sake of argument, if Duggan’s passing doesn’t improve much ... I still think the offense could be dynamic given how good the run game could be with him leading it.

    The style of the offense may have to adapt to him a bit ... and that part is on the coaches.

    But again ... I expect Duggan’s passing to improve considerably ... another year maturity and a better run game alone should help it.
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    There was little faith that Boykin was the QB he would become after his soph season. We were wrong.
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  6. Yep, I remember thinking if he comes back as our QB in 2014, we are screwed. I was wrong.

    But I wouldn't want to count on that happening again. Seemed almost like a miracle. We need to bring in some real competition for Duggan, I think bringing Joeckel in really made Boykin better.
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  7. no such thing as a dynamic offense with a QB who can’t throw. Only completions last week were to guys who were so wide open they got their own zip code
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  8. I have seen "dripping with sarcasm", but I have never seen "basted for hours with sarcasm" before...
  9. I remember it well.

    Boykin was below 60% passing first two seasons.

    As much as Duggan has struggled this season, he’s at 61.7% this season.
  10. There was no real attempt to develop any rhythm in the passing game.

    The way they were running there was no need to.

    I mean, the opening drive was like 7 straight runs and then pass attempt on 3rd down.

    There were only like 4 pass attempts the first half.
  11. Just a note, we have given up more sacks in 8 games than all of last year. Not seeing the stat, but, willing to guarantee that hurries and pressures are way up as well. Gee, I wonder if that that could be effecting the deep routes and his accuracy ?
  12. he has run into the DL more than a few times this year. For someone with alleged 4.3 speed, he still is awkward in the pocket.

    he missed wide open guys all last year, specifically reagor on a throw so bad Reagor ended up being injured. Who should be blame for last year’s poor accuracy? There’s enough sample data to call it a trend and not blame others entirely. Obviously OL and WR have some effect...but it’s not all or mostly on them

    if Brock Purdy and others (USC, ASU had freshmen) can contribute at QB - why can’t ours?

    Feels like this fan base crapped all over Mike Collins and Foster, yet we’re starting somebody for 2 whole years who doesn’t look to be any better an - but some act like he’s got potential to be anywhere near Boykin
  13. foster?
  14. sawyer?
  15. you are comparing him to max?
  16. pick any QB after Boykin that’s not Muehlstein. Kenny is the best and it’s not even close.

    max still doesn’t look like a better passer than Collins so it’s a big toss up in the “not-Kenny” category
  17. I think Boykin and Dugan is the fairest comparison because their college careers are the most similar to this point, and their stats are as well....

    Passing stats;
    Boykin freshman year: 292 att, 2054 pass yards, 57.2%, 7.0 y/a, 15 TD, 10 INT, 126.4 rating
    Dugan freshman year: 339 att, 2077 pass yards, 53.4%, 6.1 y/a, 15 TD, 10 INT, 113.6 rating

    Boykin sophomore year: 176 att, 1198 pass yards, 59.7%, 6.8 y/a, 7 TD, 7 INT, 122 rating
    Dugan sophomore year: 201 att, 1370 pass yards, 61.7%, 6.8 y/a, 8 TD, 3 INT, 129.1 rating

    Rushing stats;
    Boykin freshman year: 127 att, 417 yards, 3.3 avg, 3 TD
    Dugan freshman year: 130 att, 550 yards, 4.3 avg, 6 TD

    Boykin sophomore year: 105 att, 313 yards, 3.0 avg, 7 TD
    Dugan sophomore year: 93 att, 409 yards, 4.4 avg, 7 TD
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    Kenny Hill was a redshirt junior.

    Collins as a redshirt sophomore had a completion percentage of 56.4 without the same running ability of Duggan.

    Foster Sawyer’s completion percentages his first two seasons were 40.7 and 47.3.
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    don't disagree with the idea that kenny has been the best since boykin and the question of max vs collins wasn't the one raised to you.

    in regards to max versus micheal, as others have pointed out max was a true freshman last year and collins was a redshirt sophomore. he had two full years in college on max and while i think he had a better understanding of the game at this level i don't remember a significant difference in accuracy and max (prior to these last 4 games) had a much stronger throwing arm.

    max's first four games this year stack up with mike's best game which was against kansas.

    why mention sawyer?
  20. is there another quarterback that started multiple games not named Bram or Mule (each started 2 or less IIRC) :: I forgot Robinson

    this forum was pretty harsh on him and calling for the next man up.

    Duggan gets a huge leash around here and it’s hilarious. Don’t have any connections to the guys mentioned, but you watch the games and it makes you wonder why are coaches so attached to Max — doesn’t play much better than Robinson did.

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