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DMN: It's been 8 years since TCU's Rose Bowl win. Finally, Gary Patterson has shared the gameplan

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Noticed YOU didn't volunteer to go nose-to-nose with him spouting that message.
  2. I could of done it but ain't gonna
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  3. Quit being racist...
  4. Damn that's funny. POTY nominee.
  5. Unfortunately I lost my twitter info a while ago and have no desire to crawl back into that cesspool.
  6. First, the College Game Day guys were saying UW should go to the play action pass before the game even started.

    Second, TCU would have stuffed a run play on the two point conversion. Too many Frogs coming for the football.

    Third, TCU RAN FOR A FIRST DOWN with two minutes to go. Frogs kicker was solid.

    TCU was going to win that game even if Wisconsin ran the flying wedge at our boys in purple.

    Rose Bowl Champs.
  7. Using Wisconsin logic I am certain we would have beaten Auburn in a national championship game. Could you send that trophy on over please?
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  8. I'm always (several times rewatching) amazed at the decibels raised by TCU fans after the Wisconsin score, and then an even louder roar from 1/4 of the fans when we got that first down to seal the game....
  9. History has been kind...
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  10. Which gave us a first down. And we didn’t have to snap again.

  11. Still my favorite angle. Suck it Wisconsin.

  12. I passed 2 Wisconsin fans on the sidewalk yesterday all decked out in Badger gear and I still have an urge to remind them they lost. Their fans were some of the worst. I actually like good nature smack talk, but just name calling and insulting the other teams fans screams of a no class, low IQ fan base that gives a bad reputation to their University. Anyway, great victory and memorable day for us!1

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