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DMN: Horned Frogs’ best signee, diamond in the rough, and overall grade

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Breaking down TCU’s 2020 recruiting class: Horned Frogs’ best signee, diamond in the rough, and overall grade

    By Grant McGalliard

    The TCU Horned Frogs began National Signing Day with the No. 28 class in the nation and the No. 3 class in the Big 12 according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. Here’s a breakdown of TCU’s 2020 class:

    Head of the class: Quentin Johnston, WR
    Sometimes the recruiting rankings hit the nail on the head. Johnston, a 4-star wideout from Temple, Texas, is the No. 9 player in the state, the highest rated player in TCU’s 2020 class and the second-highest rated Horned Frog recruit of all time. He’s got miles of length at 6-4, 195 pounds, and has the speed to blow by his defenders. He was also a state medalist in the high jump. TCU’s offense runs best when it can get the ball to incredibly athletic receivers -- think Josh Doctson and Jalen Reagor. Johnston is the natural successor to those stars.

    Read moero at https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/t...t-signee-a-dark-horse-overall-grade-and-more/
  2. How worthless is a recruiting analysis that bags on the program for only taking one RB but just completely ignored the Kendre Miller signing yesterday?
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  3. Obviously only pays attention when his editor tells him to write about it

    His last sentence shows it - we are the perpetual #3 in recruiting in the conference so it’s nothing new and not a win by itself
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  4. "Watch for he and classmate Garrett Hayes (4-star OG) to develop into solid linemen for the Frogs."

    Him. Him. Him. Object of a preposition. Damn journalists, of all people, ought to know how to use English properly.

    Rant over.
  5. He graded our class as a B+.

    I grade his journalism as a D-.
  6. actually, grant is a current tcu student
  7. Never trust anyone named Grant.
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  8. Whoops! Ooooh.
  9. Your righteous vein of bile should be directed at his editor...
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  10. Writer and editor both bear the responsibility, unless the editor introduced the error, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

    Brings back memories of taking Copyediting at TCU, the sole attempt at a weed-out course in the J department. Beyond the rules of grammar, the primary content was memorizing the AP Stylebook.

    A distinct memory is of Gerry Grotta's final in the mid-'80s. The first few pages were a series of sentences that followed an intro paragraph that began, "Correct the errors in the following sentences. Errors include...." At some point I looked back at the list of errors and was surprised to see that it included "grammer." Closer inspection of the instructions revealed at least three other intentional mistakes that students were expected to correct.
  11. Now (at least here) you can even hear TV news people say where something is “at”.
    The language will sound like the kids in the original Mad Max in 50 years if people continue to ignore grammar.
  12. Assuming you mean the kids in Thunderdome...which was actually the third movie in the series. The only kid in the original was a toddler. So I guess you could be right.
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  13. At least I got the right franchise!
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  14. What is it with people these days qualifying the word “these” with “ones”? “Here, use these ones” SIL says it, and now I hear my grandchildren using the same. It’s THESE!
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  15. Or those ones that use then for than. See it pretty regularly.
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  16. By mistake vs on mistake
  17. Or, "I should have went..." instead "I should have gone...."

    That one is like nails on a chalk board to me.
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  18. Cool thread, guys
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  19. And this thread gets an F.
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