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DMN: 5 reasons TCU will go bowling in 2020: Freshman QB Max Duggan will only get better

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. I am excited to see how MD and Baldwin develop. Obviously, you want to see every player on the squad make the pros, but that is bias and not reality.
  2. That's true, but our average record over the past 4 years is 7-6.
  3. So not a tragic death spiral from which there is no escape? I would agree with anyone who says it’s very important that we win 7 regular season games next year at an absolute minimum.
  4. Exactly. For me the fact that we won 11 games in 2017 is more of an indictment. TCU is very capable of winning ten games in this this league if we just operate at the level of competence across the board. We should be figuring out how to go the last step from there and reach 12-0, not fondly clinging for winter-warmth to the not-so-distant memory of Oklahoma boat-racing us twice in the same year and hoping that with a bit of luck we can do that again.
  5. I always think Frogs will win, so a quote from the great Bobby Layne seems appropriate:
    TCU had just beat his mighty Longhorns-- so he stood in the middle of Carter and shook his fist.
    "They didn't win the damn game, time just ran out on us-- that is all".
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  6. All this talk, mostly hot air. Bottom line - playcalling (that's the OC's responsibility) was very bad. That must be fixed.
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  7. Defense should be better. Offense will continue to be stuck in neutral. Good news is we have 5 home league games. Let's hope we can defend the Carter better than the 1-4 road mark vs OU, OSU, KSU, ISU and Tech this year. We also seem to play better against SMU in Dallas than we do at home.

    I will say 8-4 with losses to Cal, UT, OU, BU.
  8. "We had close losses." That's what losers say. As Bill Parcells said, "You are what your record says you are." To act like what we have is fine, or we just need a little tweak, is absolute lunacy.

    Going to be hard to write that check this spring if no changes are made.
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  9. I said give it time when changes weren’t made right after the season but if we run this same crew out next year there to run this offense God help us all. And I’m starting to think it might happen. Not sure I can watch anything resembling what I saw last year again without total apathy setting in, at some point it becomes no fun.
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  10. I'm hoping God helps us all regardless of the coaching situation. Especially hope He helps me. My wife and I really want to go on one of those 16 day European river cruises next year.
  11. I think my inclination is to be positive about the program (I picked 10-2 this year) but at the same time, I do try to be realistic. I'm realistic about the fact that we do not recruit at a high enough level to just reload each and every year and crank out 9 or 10 wins automatically. Very, very few programs can do that. The fan side of my brain says the close losses could be reminiscent of 2013 and we turn it on next year and have a much better season but the realistic side says that we made changes after that 2013 season that were instrumental in that turnaround which we have so far failed to do after this season. The fan side says every season is different and maybe we work it out but the realistic side says that there is a trend with this offense and the current staff that has not shown the ability to be better than just average when the circumstances (Sr QB, OL guys who go to the NFL) are in their favor.

    The fan side says that I'l gladly renew my season tickets and make my standard donation and be counting the days until next football season. The realistic side says that if we don't take stock of the results and the reason for those results, then this same time next year we'll be talking about another wasted season because we were not proactive in seeking out a proven OC who is capable of changing the culture on offense. The fan side tells me we have a proven HC who has always bounced back and it will get better. The realistic side tells me that if we do the same thing and don't get better, then it won't be a surprise because if we're not doing something every day to get better, there's a good chance we very well might not be.
  12. Two atoms were walking down the street. One looked at the other and asaid, “I think I lost one of my electrons!” The other one said, “Are you sure?” The first one said, “Yeah, I’m positive!”
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    You better hang on to those electrons then. Also, never trust an Atom...they make up everything.
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  14. He is likely about 70% liquid. More specifically, water.
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  15. Errbody out of the way. Doc's on a roll!
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  16. 5 reasons TCU will go to a bowl in 2020.

    Did they list, “because 80 teams go to a bowl game” ?

    I might need to subscribe to DMN. They have some good content.
  17. I know it's intended to be humorous, but it's a tired use of the term....
  18. Yep, and only 50 don't go to a bowl....

    DMN does a better job of covering TCU than does FWST...although it seems to always be in a back-handed complimentary way....
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  19. “IMO” seems like an odd term to be worried about.
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  20. OK, I surrender the flag of humor police to a more heavily-armed opponent....

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