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DMN: 5 reasons TCU will go bowling in 2020: Freshman QB Max Duggan will only get better

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. This is not making excuses but for some tough calls (Baylor & Oklahoma) we might very well be in a bowl this year. We could easily have won 2 -3 more games. We just didn't get many breaks but that is how it goes. I can't believe how many people on this board are acting like we will never be good again. I for one disagree. I am not being naive and know we have thing to fix but its not like we have to start from scratch.
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  2. This. People act as if we got blown out in our losses. We were in every game this year minus Iowa State (shudders). IF we go backwards next year I would say we have something to talk about. Backwards to me means losing games by more than 14 to several opponents, not have injury issues.
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    You can also say OSU has a young QB and a badarse redshirt sophomore RB and will only get better. Baylor doesnt look like they are going to slow down and is getting better recruits. Kansas State is only going to get better and their QB is great. Kansas is getting better though they have a long ways to go. Texas Tech is only going to get better and has a QB that is really good. Oklahoma is Oklahoma. Texas is revamping their offense and defense and will have home field advantage next year. If TCU doesn't improve on offense and even defense in strength, getting pressure on the QB, and tackling it is going to be an even tougher road than this season. The co-OC of Luper and Cumbie has not worked.

    My hope is TCU matures and gets bigger and stronger in the off season that vastly improves TCU. TCU has the players through great recruiting over the years over these other teams. I have hope but TCU has to change things and put in a lot of work.
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  4. I predict I will have a whole lot of company on the right side of the 2020 Regular Season Prediction chart.
  5. yet to reach pH equilibrium we counter one extreme with another.

    granted, maintaining a pH between 6.5-8.0 might be ideal for drinking water, but it would make for a truly boring discussion board.
  6. Agreed. Rational arguments rarely get replies. I was trying to show how foolish and off-topic some rants get. Always circling around their tangents.
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  7. I’ll work on being less positive moving forward.
  8. It’s a defense mechanism for weak minded and the ignorant. Being positive opens them up for a let down. Being negative is just easier.
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    sure, become cynical and jaded now that the 247 residuals are starting to roll in.
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  10. We went backwards after 2017 season and then more backwards after 2018 season. I absolutely agree we are so close to being much better, and it shouldn't take much to turn those close losses into wins. But from everything I've seen watching this current staff, there's a reason we have those close losses and I don't expect it to improve without making changes. I honestly think a decent OC last year would've put as at 8-4 with our true frosh at qb
  11. I think even most negative TCU fans think 6-6 or better is a likely outcome in 2020, and the 2019 team was good enough to win 6 or 7 games and got a bit unlucky with so many losses in close games. But we're fairly spoiled, and we don't think of 6-6 or 7-5 as a good outcome; we want to go at least 8-4 and have occasional 10+ win seasons. And most of us have arrived at the conclusion that it just isn't going to happen without a major overhaul to the offensive coaching staff, which obviously isn't going to happen.

    I think there is some reason for optimism - there is some good young talent on the team, and Duggan should be good. And maybe Cumbie is better than I give him credit for (note: I give him no credit). Hill was ok, Robinson was bad and an interception machine, Duggan wasn't ready but was forced to play, it wasn't Cumbie's fault that the o-line was a mess and the receivers couldn't catch. I still feel like Cumbie is terrible and should have been fired, but since that isn't going to happen I hope that he proves me wrong.
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  12. Have they entered the transfer black hole yet? I only half-way kid....
  13. Because that is also not what they were saying.
  14. I agree.
    Plus, there is always the worry about injury. Our S&C and nutrition program is sorely lacking. If Max goes down, we could be toast. And that does not include the existing poor passing game factor which is getting worse by the season.
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  15. 6-6 is not acceptable.
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  16. Yes please, gimme Walter Cronkite every night at 530 & Bob Schieffer every Sunday on Face the Nation. All the other blowhards can go teach public school...where they’ll get fired after a couple years.
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  17. Baldwin should be solid. And he may even start. Never know
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  18. Good news is, it can only get better. Bad news, if it does not get better ...
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  19. Racist IMO
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  20. Agreed. Nobody was talking about 6-6 until Jake brought it up.
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