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  1. Disagree with the thought he has plateaued. Look at his history at Pitt. His boss got the UCLA gig because he had Pitt at a high level, so it was not a scrape job for Jamie, like TCU kinda was.

    Look at the nucleus for next year. Noi is proven greatness, Davis has much upside but needs experience which he is getting now, and Samuels can be one of the best centers in the country. I don't really get why so many have dogged him this year. He's a rookie, who is just now starting to have the light turn on, and now that he does, he looks awesome.

    Jamie will get this program to a point where he is consistently among the top 4 or 3 in the conference, and winning some titles. It's what he did in the Big East, which I'd argue was as good a league at that time as B12 is now.

    Edit: For anyone needing a little perspective and perhaps some irony on this topic, go back and look at the TCU fan comments when we were flirting with Jamie- Essentially, "Haha, those idiots at Pitt who are pissed because they go to the tournament every year but don't win it!"
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  2. you do realize his newest class has a guy from seattle, a guy from florida, and a guy from argentina.
  3. I’ve never called him trash. I called his conference record trash. I’ve met him a number of times and really like him. I’m just not sold on him as our coach.

    Meanwhile, we just got bounce from the conference tournament after being picked to finish 4th. We’ll be VERY lucky to make the tournament. Forgive me for wanting more.
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  4. wait, pre-season opinion polls are an accurate and effective way to measure the success of a season?

  5. Hope they don't enter the PORTAL after the first semester.
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  6. At the end of the day he’s responsible for that record. Therefore given your post history and what you posted, you absolutely were calling him trash. It’s clear you’re here to flame the board. Yet the mods do nothing.
  7. Come on...you know that’s not the case. The point I’m making is expectations were high, rightfully so, and we pretty much [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] the bed.

    As I’ve said, he’s below .500 in conference play since getting here. If y’all are ok with that, then great. But I’m not. Some say he’s building something. Conference plays is the most important part of the season and I’ve seen very little that shows me it’s improving under him.
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  8. College basketball is my absolute favorite sport. I’m very passionate about it, and even more so about TCU basketball. If wanting more from our program and disagreeing with the masses is flaming the board, then fine.

    Between my wife and I, we have 4 degrees from TCU. I’m not content with average or below average. If that’s a banable offense, then ban me.
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  9. expectations are based upon what we think we know and one thing i have learned over time is normally what we think we know isn't right.

    show me the person whose expectations for a fourth place finish was based upon fisher basically doing nothing this year and leaving the program. show me the ballot that had the frogs 4th with a roster on only 7 scholarship players for most of conference play.

    the funny thing is there is plenty to question about how things have played out over dixon's first 3 years that you don't need to go on your wild goose chases about expectations.

    biggest one to me is that only 7 of his 14 signees in his first 3 classes are still on the roster and even with the potential of the 2019 class this roster still has holes.

    that tcu is looking at next year with only 3 bigs, samuel, barlow, and mayan as things stand right now.

    yes, jamie will have his work cut out for him next year and we will find out soon enough, but don't run your [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] here about expectations when those are nothing but the folly of fools.
  10. Congrats on your wealthy parents, or huge debt.
  11. I know people with exactly zero degrees from TCU that are better fans than you are. If you have no patience to get this previously terrible program turned around then you should go be a Duke fan so your little feelings don’t get hurt.
  12. I haven't read this entire thread, but I think many on here need a reality check.

    TCU was a basketball wasteland before JD. Sure, this year has been disappointing, but TCU is incredibly lucky to have him and would have a near impossible time getting another coach here with his resume if he were to leave.
  13. Disagree. I think it is reasonable to expect that we would win the NIT year one, sweet 16 year 2 and win it all In year 3. Then win it all for the next 4 years in a row with a bigger margin of victory in the title game each year. Forgive me for wanting more.
  14. Tech football is below .500 all time in the Big 12. I agree that our basketball team should be better than Tech football but considering where we were it will take time.
  15. Every single B12 team not named Kansas has taken an under .500 conference season in at least one of the last 3 years. Let that sink in. Unless CJD is consistently putting up bottom level results, he is fine. We aren't the only ones who have downtrend seasons. And most of those other under .500s don't have the level of attrition we suffered this year.

    Also mad at myself for throwing out more troll food but the trolls are not the only ones who seem to fail to get this, so here it is for their perusal.
  16. This is not all JDs fault. This is mainly the fault of 4 selfish kids who are now and forever labelled as quitters. They left their teammates in a ditch. I hope they all fail in their new schools.
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  17. While I agree, it’s not all his fault, to be a successful coach at a high level in an age of the transfer portal, you must possess a certain skillset to be able to manage egos properly. Not saying CJD doesn’t have that, or isn’t managing them well, just saying it’s important.

    I guess we’ll see if his coaching/managerial style fits in this new system where players have more leverage than ever before.
  18. Where have you been all my life? You are speaking my language my man
  19. Can't believe the fire you are taking for stating this opinion. Absolutely ludicrous the things some people on here are saying to you for suggesting you desire improvement. Unfathomable.
  20. It's hard to read this post and not sense hints of insanity. Good lord man, there's 2 continents of land between what he said and what you just concluded from it. Get a grip

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