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Disney/Comcast Bidding War for some FOX Assets

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Yesterday’s US District Court ruling that green lights the AT&T-Time Warner merger just spilled over to college football.

    The much-discussed Disney bid for much of 21st Century Fox, including all those FSN regional affiliates, just got competition from Comcast (parent company of NBC).

    So just when you thought ESPN was about to consolidate nearly all of the Big 12 school’s Tier 3 rights, instead NBC Sports is suddenly competing for the OU, TCU, Tech, Baylor, and OSU rights. (Someone will have to remind me if FOX has any of KSU or ISU—not sure who has those). I’m not sure how this affects the obligations of FOX to air Big 12 Championships—namely baseball—which typically appear on FSN. I’m not sure if this stays with FOX (and moved to FS1/2/online only) or if it goes with FSN to the Disney/Comcast winner.

    A bidding war is coming, but there’s some irony in NBC Sports possibly taking control of some Big 12 inventory.

    Of course, most sports fans will notice the impact of a Disney or Comcast acquisition of FSNs in all the pro sports deals.

    Time Warner is the parent of TBS, TNT and TruTV, so we may see some impact on delivery of Men’s NCAA Tournament Basketball with the AT&T merger. Turner Sports is part of the merger. So is Bleacher Report. Keep in mind this puts DirecTV and uVerse in the same parent company as HBO, Turner Sports etc. A Comcast acquisition of 21st Century Fox could have some interesting parallels (combining Comcast/Xfinity and NBC Sports with FSN assets)

    Interested for GSR’s $0.02.
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  2. Thank you for the info.

    I need some aspirin now.
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  3. Me too. GSR always has great insight into media, streaming, and conference issues.
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    I can’t say too much on this topic without violating SEC rules, but I’d tell you to look at the saga of Marriott buying Starwood on how this could go with Fox.

    Don’t count out Disney... and don’t count out Murdoch looking for the RIGHT bid, from the right CEO.

    Either way, the Fox regional assets are looking more and more likely to be spun off either as part of or right after the deal.

    Regardless, Fox being sold will give all Big 12 schools the right to terminate their Tier 3 deals with Fox, so things could get interesting. OU could be an exception to that rule, not positive.
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  6. Can't tell by your post if this is a good, or bad thing?
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  7. SEC? What the scheiss kind of mob [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] is this?
  8. Interesting / makes sense.
  9. And Disney has raised its bid to $71.3 B.
  10. Mouse gets Fox
  11. Very confusing. Is there a conference network in here somewhere? Asking for a friend (David Boren).
  12. My total guess here:

    - Comcast will go to $42 per share, best offer
    - Disney will match
    - Comcast's board will hold them back from going any further
    - Disney will seal the deal
  13. Boren retires on June 30th.

    Jim Gallogly will be the OU president effective July 1st.
  14. does he get to clean up some of boren's messes
  15. Elmer Fudd would be an improvement.
  16. I vote for whomever eliminates 11am games.
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  17. OU is reportedly 15 + Million dollar short fall...Can’t pay the bills...Edit: 1 Billion and climbing
  18. Their legislature has not funded education well enough. That's why teachers have been on strike and the colleges are having budget problems.
  19. Regarding OU:

    I hope the whole place burns to the ground.
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