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Disappointed in TCU

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by smufrogger, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Sadly the reason your son has been wait listed is because he has a brother who willfully attended Baylor. Your family needs to look no future to understand this travesty. So much for brotherly love
  2. I've been really disappointed with the things I have been seeing lately. It mirrors the liberal plague that has been eating away at our universities. Competition and dedication to a school are the most color blind and universally unbiased ways of looking at something and yet...we have started this "diversity" course of action....We are taking away the responsibility of the student and his actions. The louder with crowder video was a terrible representation of our school and where its ethics, morals and educational teachings should be. Its sad. Very sad. Even when our athletics programs are blowing up, our teachings to prepare our kids for the real world are severely lacking. Its the same thing with immigration. You DO NOT DESERVE anything in life. You earn it. We are making a really bad decision to keep kids out that deserve that education for kids that we think need that education. Everyone needs a good education, but longevity will be found in sticking with the capitalistic model. Not a social one. Common sense over emotions.
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  3. Not sure I understand why people are rushing to TCUs defense on a 30 year 7% annual increase. I love the school but it does suck how soon basically 100% of the middle class wont be able to go to TCU. Basically SMUs demographic within a couple years.

    Sure he is bitter but if I was in the same case I might be too. No call either, I would send my daughter to UT. 60% less and higher ranked unless she really wanted TCU.
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  4. Agree with all of this.
    I saw a ranking of schools which lists Tcu as a top five school for most one percent parents who’s kids go there.
    Most, if not all ivies give full rides to families making under $100-125k and have a sliding scale from that through about $250k

    The school has definitely priced out the middle class and is woefully lacking in merit aid compared to the top tiered schools.
    But comments from the chancellor tell us that they don’t care- it is a capitalist market and right now they find enough one percenters to write full checks.
    Heaven help my almamater should things change- like Gary retire and our athletics go south?
    Clearly Tcu has not built up their endowments like other top tier universities have so the value of the education is a tougher sell to many- even if they could afford it
    I’m glad to see Tcu benefitting by having strong athletics but I obviously didn’t attend Tcu in the late 70s because of their athletic programs.
    Putting aside my kids not following my footsteps, I still worry fr what I believe is a bubble. Yes, today they fill slots at $60k plus, and fill club seats at $10k Capital outlays per seat. But sometime the sky may Darken and the weather may change.
    Without a much stronger endowment, Tcu could get squeezed. They are in far better shape then many, but hardly unexposed/ insulated.
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  5. Tcu had $1.5B endowment as of 2017 which just happens to be the same as SMU’s.
  6. I am sure this topic is bittersweet for the athletic department.

    Rich supporters pay for the facilities but it's getting harder to recruit athletes that are not getting a full ride.

  7. Honestly what I expected this thread to be about.
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  8. Ie baseball. B-ball and football get full rides
  9. Pretty sure that’s what he as saying
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  10. Meh, I expressed empathy and offered advice after your initial rant. Then you carried on endlessly and adamantly refused to take any empathy/suggestions offered and continued to be petty. If thats how you want to handle your kids that’s your call but I find it sad. Carry on, as I’m sure you will.
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    TCU doesn't determine the limits on baseball scholarships. The NCAA determines those. TCU offers the maximum number of baseball scholarships allowed by the NCAA.

    Before you point the finger, you should probably make sure you have the true culprit.
  12. Geesh. Lots of adults acting like millennials in this thread. TCU is not a right, its a privilege. You earn it, pay for it/get a scholarship or don’t go...end of story. I would be disappointed in TCU if they didn’t capitalize from a selective or financial standpoint based on their new popularity. I feel for the OPs disappointment, but I wouldn’t fault TCU
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  13. But it’s the new America. Blame everyone else.
  14. Tcu is welcome to do that. Harvard is cheaper for most folks than TCU at this point unless your rich or get perhaps Dean's scholarship. It's a wonderful school and has made huge leaps forward every decade. But at this point it's not even a consideration based on cost.

    It's fine to be disappointed that basically no one will be able to afford TCU that isn't rich or on full scholarship while recognizing the fact that they have earned the right to charge that based on the prestige of the university.
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  15. Harvard’s alumni are more successful and have built up a huge endowment- based on all the whining about cost in this thread, that is something we will never achieve and Don is screwed in even trying
  16. Maybe I am off base, but there is a difference between being "successful" and "making a lot of money to donate to your school." I feel successful in having had a wonderful career and raising two beautiful daughters, one of whom I sent to TCU nad paid her way through. You also failed to mention that Harvard has been at this endowment raising thing a few more years than TCU has.
  17. Such bs it’s ridiculous

    When exactly did Victor say he doesn’t care? I have heard him say about 1000x in the last 5 years that once we complete construction growing the endowment to $3b+ is the number one fundraising priority and the new campaign that already started is all Don Whelan is focused on basically

    Comparing any school to an Ivy League endowment is about as relevant as comparing the type of education your kid will get at a big state school to a small private - apples and oranges

    And here is a hint for those that have never sent a kid to college- worry more about the atmosphere and class size being appropriate before you worry about cost - some kids do great in a auditorium, scantron and TA type environment because they are social and self driven. Some need a prof to know their name, be able to schedule time to meet and interact with fellow students in a learning capacity during class to thrive

    Know as much about your kid as everyone on here seems to know about school economics but TCUs retention rate of 91% being 30% higher than UT and Aggy says maybe we know what we are doing

    No product that has a 10x demand to supply ratio is overpriced- sorry if you feel like it is because you don’t have the money to buy it. The market shows otherwise and doesn’t seem that hard to sell right now.

    And a kid that is waitlisted at TCU have been waitlisted at Ut and Aggy if they were not forced to accept top 6% - we have early decision to build our base, they have the top 6% requirement - two approaches to the same goal and a call to the admissions office before the application is completed to talk would have revealed that fact

    You might want to also ask for the scatter plot the office did for endowment to performance before you start touting Ut and Aggy as a benchmark though - much like in athletics they say underperform the national average based on the land trust money they have - they lead the pack in the bottom right quadrant

    They aren’t ivy either and especially as an undergrad
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    Good for you and I bet you are proud and should be

    How does that increase our endowment? And I said “more” successful by the way.

    The reality is a ton of people on this board want better facilities, top coaches, and a great school to send their kids but complain about the cost - both of tuition and of things like seats in the stadium

    Sorry - the only way you both is to have an alumni base that gives and doesn’t look for a 1:1 donation to benefit return ratio

    We have a lot of generous supporters at TCU - we also have a lot that don’t give unless they get something for it and that is a large part of the difference between what Notre Dame, Vandy and Rice have achieved to date vs TCU
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  19. How many of you could afford to pay the freight for a bachelors at TCU? And then to have an academically elite, well-qualified son "waitlisted"? No...this is [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] and TCU needs to check its policy. There's obvioisly something besides academics driving admissions.
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    1,800 / 3,800 / 21,000

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