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    Highest percentage ever thanks to ahletics, and the vast majority of the community scholarship. The other 72% is white and quite a bit of the 28% pays near full tuition.

    Again this isn't a theory its a fact. TCU raised rates on average 7% the past 37 years. The 110k figure is based on 4% a figure they will never meet. It's probably going to much higher.

    And of course TCU is insanely expensive now. Its tuition used to be lower than the national nprivate school average. Now it's $10000 higher. Room in board has sky rocketed as well and new dorms only guarantee that to continue as well.

    As for diversity our 2016 class had 5% African Americans. In 2003 it was 5.5. Latin American % doubled. White was 76% then, now it's 71%, averaging 73% the several years before 2016
  2. cds.

    The horse you've been beating is dead. Very dead.

    Just stop.
  3. This needed to go to the general board 8-9 pages ago. It's 3 posters beating a horse into glue before our eyes.
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  4. question fff, you say that more revenue is generated from having nicer dorms that the school can charge more money from the students.

    so many variables in play with that idea, but for my simple mind it comes back to this dynamic. what is the cost of dorm space relative to surrounding apartments and other rental properties?

    i am sure tcu has factored that in their models, but for each of our kids the biggest driver for them getting off campus was that they could pay less for a temporary place to live and gain certain freedoms etc...

    not trying to say tcu is wrong in their decision making, i just see the same patterns at tcu in regards to student housing that we have seen in our schools and friends have experienced and in all honesty in my mind it is one of the biggest issues i have with the high cost of a college education.
  5. TCUs goal is to have all freshman and sophomores on campus for lots of reasons - and money is one of them for sure along with integration into campus community, safety , etc

    So it is one instance where TCU is going for force a higher price on students for two years to achieve its goals across campus
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    I was actually hoping to get some opinions and maybe educate some of our alumni a few of the things TCU has to consider when running everyday - but I am fine killing this in general besides it’s clear that most of the complainers don’t really understand basic finance concepts and want it all for a cheap price

    So let’s just move on since you guys have to click on a thread you don’t care about to give your opinion...
  7. tcu isn't alone in that two year requirement and I am not sure i have seen a college with a good handle on student housing. most of the big schools don't have enough and have left the void to be filled by private companies and most of the smaller force food and lodging requirements to subsidize other needs. no silver bullet on any of this .

    if I recall correctly the chancellor made a comment he would like to have enough student housing on campus to provide any student who wants to live on campus to have a space. is that more along the lines of being part of the village so to speak or maximizing revenue model
  8. Vanderbilt has a great handle on student housing. 90% of undergraduates live on campus which is insane.

    TCU was just under 50% last time I checked. No idea if that is still correct or not.

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