DieHards: TCU WR Ty Slanina questionable to play vs. SMU

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  1. DieHards: TCU WR Ty Slanina questionable to play vs. SMU

    TCU wide receiver Ty Slanina is questionable to play this weekend against SMU, coach Gary Patterson said Tuesday.

    Slanina missed the Horned Frogs’ game against Arkansas in Week 2 with an undisclosed injury. Patterson said he expects the senior wideout to be back for Week 4 against Oklahoma State, and he said Slanina “might”play against the Mustangs this week too.

    “I don’t think [Slanina will be out] for a while,” Patterson said at his weekly press conference. “I think it’ll be questionable for this week, and for sure I think he’ll be back next week.”

    Read more at https://www.diehards.com/tcu/ty-slanina-injury-tcu-football-smu
  2. Guy can't stay healthy for consecutive weeks it seems. Has to be frustrating.
  3. Slanina adds a lot. I sure hope he recovers, for TCU's sake as well as his.
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  4. Feel bad for the kid. Don't think it impacts the offense much at all.
  5. Rest up, we will need him later. We have plenty of depth now, and he is always reliable when the stage gets bigger.
  6. Still the best possession receiver we have imo. Hate to see how injured he's been over three years.
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