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DieHards: ESPN’s Paul Finebaum: ‘Gary Patterson doesn’t get enough credit as one of best coaches’

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. DieHards: ESPN’s Paul Finebaum: ‘Gary Patterson doesn’t get enough credit as one of best coaches’

    Dean Straka

    Gary Patterson has become an icon in Fort Worth for all he has accomplished at TCU since being named head coach in 2000. One ESPN analyst still thinks Patterson isn’t getting the respect he deserves.

    ESPN’s Paul Finebaum said during a segment on Thursday that Patterson “does not get enough credit as being one of the best coaches in this game.”

    TCU has gone from unranked to No. 6 in the AP Top 25 rankings through five games this season. It’s not the first time that Patterson has overseen a TCU team go from bottom to top, but the list of the TCU head coach’s feats extend far beyond thriving as a preseason underdog.

    Read more at https://www.diehards.com/tcu/espns-...son-doesnt-get-enough-credit-one-best-coaches
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  2. We still haven't won a National Championship so there's still a lot of work to be done here. #eyesupkeepclimbing
  3. Even Feinbum can't avoid seeing the obvious.

    He's still a rat faced PR man for Alabama and the SEC.
  4. He also said there will be some big job openings and it would be worth a shot for them to contact Patterson - even if he will probably say no.
  5. just in case there's ever a Paul Feinbaum look-alike thread:

  6. Just go to the message boards of schools like Tennessee, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Nebraska, etc.

    They actually think he is a realistic candidate for them and that he won't be able to say no to their truckloads of cash or the fact they are SEC. As if we are still a Mountain West School that has a low ceiling.
  7. This. I think Alabama writes his script.
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  8. Here's my entry...

    Attached Files:

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  10. Still can't handle anything positive. I was wondering how long it would take for attacks to happen, like with Herbstreit.

    If you want mindless homer shills, become BYU fans or fans for teams in isolated areas, or teams with huge fanatic followers.
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  11. It's a good article - he is just one of many that believes our ceiling is capped because we are not a blue blood or a big state school

    Those people seem to ignore the success miami, USC and now Clemson are having but everyone is allowed to their opinion - someone just has to be wrong in the end
  12. He’s just greasing the skids for when Saban retires. Fienbaum gets to select the next coach.
  13. Diehards sucks ass.
  14. In other coaching news.....

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  15. USC?
  17. I think the frog fans see these things for what they're worth.

    Compliment, sure.
    Sincere, prolly, maybe ?
    Accurate. No. And I say that because every coach in the country knows what LHCGMFP brings to the table and none of these coaches want to get matched up with him in a bowl or playoff game because he's a tough matchup. He's not underrated by other coaches, who matter. Only the media blowhards in other leagues. Hence why Ohio At backed out on coming to AGCS.

    And you'll never hear these compliments late in the season when implications are on the line. You will not find Finebaum or any other SEC/Big10 homer being fully honest and reporting facts about GP. They'll only report what is skewed to serve SEC/Big10 interests.

    The other part of that is these guys give the players no respect. They don't say the SEC coaches missed on their evaluations. It's that Coach P coaches them up. We've got some really incredible athletes up and down the roster

    Thats why these compliments are hollow. That's where I'm at anyway.

  18. He replies to a tweet that he knows it's not true. "A guy can dream can't he!"
  19. Finnibaum is a piece of $#&% who would need to spend a week on his knees to even begin to undo the harmful garbage he has spouted about TCU.

    This doesn't even come close, perhaps you didn't notice but he didn't say anything positive about TCU, just Patterson. Like others stated, no respect for TCU just trying to steal our coach.

    Besides, no one in Texas asked Finnibaums opinion and he can $%&# right off.
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  20. I’m just impressed that he took Sabans **** out of his mouth long enough to say anything at all. I figured his questions to Gary would be asking Gary where he ranked Saban on his all time coaching list.
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