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Did a friendly clock help Texas beat KU? Les Miles is having the Big 12 take a look

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Did a friendly clock help Texas beat KU? Les Miles is having the Big 12 take a look


    The Texas football team’s game-winning drive Saturday might have taken place with some help from a friendly timekeeper.

    Kansas coach Les Miles confirmed Monday that the team had asked the Big 12 Conference to look at two instances on the Longhorns’ final drive in a 50-48 victory where the game clock did not appear to start properly.

    “We’ll turn it in,” Miles said. “We’ll see what they say.”...

    If TCU is going to win Saturday they are going to have to do it convincingly.
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  2. What?!? The BIGXII may have put a thumb on the scales to see that the UTs were helped along to a win?

    Why, that would never happen! /sarc

    (As you know, "They're BACK!!!" So, things have to be kept as they should be...)
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  3. I noticed this when I was watching. In the first quarter the clock might stop for 5 seconds on a 1st down. It NEVER stops for 10 or 11 seconds. The guy running that clock should never be allowed to do a game again, it was clear he was trying to buy UT as much time as possible. Inexcusable. Hell, the center had his hands on the ball and was barking blocking calls while the clock just sits there at 0.32.
  4. I thought I saw the clock issue as well. Glad it was not just me.
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    I think it's evidence that Texas isn't really back yet that they need extra seconds on the clock to beat Kansas in a regular season home game rather than Nebraska in the neutral site conference title game.
  6. Cheat'n Bastages.
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  7. Noticed this in the game on the final drive. Clock didn’t start until the snap after a first down. Probably saved UT 10 seconds.

    i don’t think it would’ve changed the game outcome - Dicker is a good PK and probably would’ve made a game winner from 50 - but it shouldn’t be allowed.
  8. Noticed it as well and started getting pissed off thinking about 2014 at Baylor
  9. However the clock operators are decided for games, this guy should never be allowed to do it again. It was blatant IMO. You have one job, it's not that hard to do, and at a point in the game like that you should be hypersensitive to getting it right because you know it's critical. Can't imagine having that responsibility and then having such little regard for doing the job right.
  10. I saw it as well, but didn’t see the official indicate to start the clock after the ball was set either, which is what the clock operator is looking for.
  11. The White Hat Conspiracy
  12. Went back and watched the replay and it cost somewhere between 3-6 seconds (camera wasn’t on the ball when the ref who set it started backing away). Worst case scenario is that Texas doesn’t run that (stupid) 5 yard out they ran with 8 seconds left.
  13. Does anyone remember the Waco Rape Institute clock operator not starting the clock a few times during their final drive in 2014, or is my hate of all things WRI creating another reason to hate them?
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  14. All game they were messing with the clock. Multiple times the 40 clock started at 25 instead after plays when we were on offense.
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  15. So, what’s the Big 12 going to do? “Gee, Les, we’ll be darned if you aren’t right. So sorry. Snicker snicker...”
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  16. They are assigned by the Big 12, the same as the officiating crews are. They don’t work with the same crew every week and may be at TCU one week and at Kansas the next.
    As far as when they start the clock after a first down is made, they go strictly by when the Referee makes the ball ready for play, unless the first down was made by going out of bounds and the game clock is under 2 minutes left at the end of the second or fourth quarter, or after a charged team time out, at which time it starts on the snap. The Side Judge is responsible for monitoring the game clock and if he sees there’s an issue, tries to remedy it. The crew files a report with the Big 12 office on the clock operator after every game.
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  17. I thought this (highlighted) was correct so I'm glad you elaborated on it. I'd heard here and read elsewhere that the clock should resume when the side judge winds his arm to signal the clock should start, but I always thought the clock operator was supposed to start the clock immediately once the ball was spotted and ready for play. In that case those two plays alone added closer to 20 seconds to the game. That's significant.

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