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Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by ShadowFrog, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. I am looking for 3 volunteers, preferably one each from Army, Navy & Marine. It is unknown at this time if there will be any kind of recognition for Veterans Day at TCU due to pandemic. If so, I’m looking for 3 volunteers to join me on Wednesday 11 Nov to lay flowers at Veterans Plaza, preferably in uniform if possible. PM me if interested. I ask that Admin allow this post to remain on FFF for 3 days to gather info then I will move it to General board or remove entirely.
  2. Thank you for doing this.
  3. A very good gesture to our fellow Vets.

    I could run on over to Acme Tent and Awning and have them update my Dress Blues...nah.
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  4. I can't fit any of my old uniforms...by a long shot.
  5. You'd get a better price from Omar the Tentmaker.
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  6. Mrs Pharm and I are walking in Granbury and just met an Army veteran who played on the TCU team against Ole Miss. I showed him your post, Shadow, and he gave me his name and cell if you are still looking.

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  7. there always is this option unless you have gone barry bonds

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  8. Yes, thanks and I don’t twitter.
  9. The @ is just a way to make sure that you receive a notice that you were mentioned in a post. Even though it looks like a Twitter handle.
  10. "Now that's tasteful, without being gaudy!"
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  11. My brother is one of the heroes honored at TCU's Veterans Plaza. They are all heroes.
  12. Well done, Shadow

    Wish I could be of assistance.
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  13. The "In Uniform" is going to be an issue for me as it might be for many more of my brothers and sisters, lets just say my body has changed, lol.
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  14. You have a month—squats or burpees?
  15. or pukees
  16. Mission Complete

    On time, on target
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