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Denton Record-Chronicle: Braswell's Alisa Williams commits to TCU

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    Braswell's Alisa Williams commits to TCU

    Over the past year, Braswell's Alisa Williams has watched as a number of prominent teams courted her.

    Schools like Oklahoma State, LSU, Ohio State, Houston, Texas Tech and TCU all reached out, offering her a scholarship.

    While Williams said the recruiting process was enjoyable, her search for a college eventually came back around to a school not far from Braswell — TCU.

    Read more at https://dentonrc.com/sports/girls-b...cle_6df0134b-ad4d-59ac-9356-33c22662e37b.html
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  3. There was a time when TCU winning a women's hoops recruiting battle with Texas Tech would have been unthinkable. But TCU seems on the rise, and as good as Tech has been recently in men's hoops, baseball, golf, women's basketball has been in freefall. Head coach was fired yesterday following departure of 12 of 21 players over two years.

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