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Dennis Dodd CBS: Jerry Kill had COVID-19

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Jun 30, 2020 at 10:32 AM.

  1. https://www.cbssports.com/college-f...tent-coronavirus-testing-procedures-for-2020/

    Coach Kill had the corona...

    TCU coach Gary Patterson revealed that special assistant Jerry Kill recently overcame a bout with the coronavirus.

    Kill, 58, is one of the toughest individuals, well, anywhere. He has a form of epilepsy that has previously caused him to collapse on the sidelines. He has beaten cancer multiple times. Health concerns forced him to resign in the middle of the 2015 season as he was leading Minnesota. Now this.

    "He went out to dinner," Patterson said. "Everybody thinks it's about the kids coming back. It's about how you live your life doing everything else."
  2. No big deal according to KFCs virus experts...
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  3. Well in this case, clearly. Older dude, medical conditions, now done and clear of COVID
  4. Scary given his history... Glad to hear he fared OK.
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  5. Well, he's had cancer and epilepsy and had to quit being a head coach for health reasons. He's not a particularly healthy guy. And then he got COVID and recovered. Not sure why that would be a "big deal" but ok.

    Nobody has said COVID isn't a thing and that nobody will be impacted.
  6. I'd say it IS a big deal, although probably not the way people would want me to. He's in about 3 different at risk groups and still appears to be totally fine... so yeah, big deal.
  7. Tough dude!

    Hopefully he takes some time off even though it sounds like he has recovered but I am sure he is working hard developing the offense.
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  8. I am a completely healthy 32 year old male and when I tell people I had COVID they act like I beat 4th stage cancer. As if I defied death and beat a disease that has a near guarantee of death.

    So many have been conditioned to believe that this virus is a death sentence and trasmits through the air like radio waves.

    When in reality even at risk populations have a very good chance of not having to be hospitalized.
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  9. physically healthy, still open to debate on the mental side at times
  10. There is no debate.
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  11. you keep saying you had it--did you get the anti-bodies test or covid-19 test?
  12. Antibodies

    I never even knew I had it
  13. Why did you get tested?
  14. It's always safe to get tested. You always have to let your new and old partners know if you got something.
  15. My work was offering it for free for a UNR study
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  16. That is what I have my employees doing. I have tested everyone in the firm once and will continue to do so once a month till I don't have to anymore.
  17. Are you confident it wasn't one of those antibody tests that has a huge false-positive problem? Like 50%?

    If so, hanging around people on the strength of that test is like telling a one-night stand that you're wearing a condom when it's too dark for her to see whether you really are or not.
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  18. So, forever?
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    I hope not, but I'm a consumer law firm and I have approx 120 appointments a day from in-person to video appointments. It is more of keeping the 200 employees and attorneys to keep doing their job by feeling safe.

    This whole thing has been a beating from hypochondriacs, the actual people exposed/self isolating to the abusers who treat it like a snow day time off. Thankfully I have set up everyone to work remotely if they are isolated or the government shuts us down again.
  20. Hopefully, his offense is as unstoppable as his immune system...
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