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Democrats think:

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by PurplePutt, Jul 29, 2017.

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    That a man sticking his penis up another man's bung hole is normal.

    That a woman (who has a vagina) should be allowed to back her butt up to a urinal and squirt pee into it because she feels like a man that day (or vice versa).

    That the above should be allowed to serve in the military as whatever they choose to be rather than what is between their legs.

    That aborting a perfectly viable unborn child is okay (instead of murder).

    That the safety of American citizens is less important that letting criminal illegal immigrants stay here.

    That low life scum freeloaders who have no disabilities should be eligible for Medicaid when it was intended to only cover the elderly, pregnant women, children and the (legitimately) disabled.

    That the military should be reduced.

    That voting without having to prove that you are a citizen is okay.

    That everything in this country should be free and paid for by others who actually earn a paycheck and are responsible.

    That successful people who busted their butts should pay a higher tax rate so that the scumbag democrat legislators can waste it to buy votes from the scumbag freeloaders and illegal immigrants who support them.

    Fellow conservatives, veterans, patriots, and those who think the democrats are largely communist who want to ruin this country please feel free to add to this list. I am sure there are many things left off. Please don't let the never served their country, never saw anyone die in defense of their country, homosexual, butt pirate, fudge packing, penisless whimps who want to use the ladies room, deter you from speaking up.

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    You're absolutely right Putt. Democrats are scumbag communist.

    Did you see the story about the guy who was deported 20 times. Amazingly the Sanctuary City of Portland defied a federal government hold and released him back on to the streets last year. Just this week, the scumbag Messcan raped one women, stole her car, and assaulted another woman with a knife.

    scheissing worthless Messcan scumbag illegal criminals should be shot on sight.

    Worthless Democrats go out of their way to protect them ahead of U.S. citizens. Eat [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] and die democrats.

    Here is a statement from the Multnomah county leaders from January:

    "The Sheriff's Office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions."

    Those people should be held criminally liable for the people that were hurt by this POS.
  3. Um....what just happened here. Do you have a sockpuppet and forgot to switch accounts?
  4. Remind me, which branch did our current President serve in?
  5. You are bitching about some democrats you will never meet and people on your own scheissing forum are going SJW on some posters and you are nowhere to be found.
  6. Democrats believe in equal access to high quality education to rid our country of the ignorance embodied in the original post. Not to mention the homophobia, racism, sexism, and general bigotry.
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  7. Care to point out where the "high quality education" is in this country? Above the community college level, I mean. And the left is FULL of homophobia, racism, sexism, and general bigotry--they just give those with (D) after their name a pass. Hence the RANK hypocrisy of the Democratic Party.
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  8. 1. Referring to public education for children.

    2. You picked a bad day to accuse the left of being racist.
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  9. Really? Charlottesville is a prime exampleof the left's racism and bigotry.
  10. ....there's no way you believe this. You're a smart enough guy to know better.
  11. Oh please, do explain this unbelievably insane assertion.
  12. So what do you think instigated the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue?
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    Nice pivot to avoid answering the question. Showing your true colors. Being, at best, an apologist for the nazi/klansmen/alt-right/racist/anti-semite/white nationalist ilk doesn't look good on you.

    FYI, the Charlottesville City Council voted to remove the statue. Charlottesville is 69% white and its city council is 80% white. So get your fake "racism" claims tf out of here. The decision to remove the statue was made consistent with basic principles of democracy. And the statue has nothing to do with the racism that was on display yesterday -- that was pure white nationalist hate that incited murder.
  14. Did you research this before you posted?

    Damn, you sure do have male homosexual intercourse and bathrooms on your mind, don't you?
  15. No...what we saw Charlottesville was the fruits of identity politics and the poison it's created. The "alt-right" is a product of leftist tribalism that's infected the country--people divided into tribes for the express purpose of exploiting them politically. That's entirely a product of the left and people like you who come with their prefabricated lists of names and accusations because they have no clue how to think critically for themselves. This road has one end...and it will be ugly and devastating for both sides. And we have leftists and their apologists in the Democratic Party to thank for it.
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  16. Let me make sure I understand your position, because I don't want to misrepresent it:

    Are you saying that a right winger, at a "Unite the Right" protest attended by prominent supporters of the current President, drove his car in to a group of counter-protesters....and this is the fault of "the left"?

    Or are you saying that the "Alt right" itself is a leftist movement?
  17. I don't think there is any question skin heads, neo nazis, etc are racist morons. But they have the same constitutional right to march as black lives matter people do or as Malcom X/Louis Farrakhan did.

    My only question to the protesters stayed home and let the idiots march in solitude, there may have been a far dimmer media light focused on them and certainly one woman and two state troopers would still be alive. So which would have been worse? A Bunch of dirtbag racists marching in silence or the deadly confrontation ignited by counter protesters?

    The only funny thing to come out of this was Katy Couric getting sprayed with urine thrown at neo Nazis by counter protesters!
  18. You're absolutely right that they have the right to be racist morons. But...the counter protesters have the right to exercise their free speech rights as well. Free speech goes both ways. Nobody has the right to get violent because someone says something offensive**

    Arguing that the violence, specifically the murder, is the fault of the counter protesters misses the point entirely.

    **Incidentally this is precisely why I hate the recent trend we have of "It's OK to punch a Nazi in the face", because it inevitably leads to "....and everyone I disagree with is a Nazi". Violence because you don't like someone else's opinions is not OK. Period.
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  19. The Virginia governor called a state of emergency and sent the police in (National Guard was also sent in) to make all the right wingers leave.

    Then they let ANTIFA continue protesting.

    If you think this is a good example of free speech you are a scheissing moron. Get your dumb ass left wing shill tactics out of here

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