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Dear Mr. Del Conte, Admin and TCU fans

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by NathanielScottHamontree, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Please, for the love of God, do away with the +4 system. Attending the game tonight and hearing opposing fans cheering almost as loudly as our fans for their visiting team was miserable. It was embarrassing.

    "Kayy... Esss.. Youu.... Wildcats!!"

    over and over again... in our home stadium..

    and fans, selling your extra tickets on stub hub (i know quite a few) to visiting fans, you are pathetic as well... you have no excuse and are not a true frog fan. I bought my ticket from a frog fan this week at face value. he said his ticket was only going to frog fans..

    even if we had won this game, I still would have posted this thread.
  2. It was their 4000 allotment. They just have fans with spirit. Weird huh?
  3. I had an entire row in front of me and behind me full of K State fans - not exaggerating at all. At least they weren't as obnoxious as the Tech fans but the +4 is a complete failure for the fans .
  4. I didn't think there were that many considering.
  5. Usually ten of us but had some Frog friends come in from out of town so got 4 more tickets and sat in 310 tonight. First time up there but was a bit taken aback at how many KSU fans were all around. Seemed as many ( some thought more) than Tech. Not sure it will ever change but it's still depressing as hell.
  6. Yeah. Even my wife who generally dislikes football was impressed with their crowd noise. ACS is setup for loud games if our crowd is willing to get into it.
  7. Just wait until OU and UT roll into town.
  8. This sort of thread should settle the argument about expanding seating in the stadium.
  9. I think there were more fans from KSU tonight than there were Tech fans early this season.

    Shout out to the guy next to me who sold his 4 or 6 to KSU fans. Shout out to the guy one row in front of me who has sold his tickets to visiting fans every single week.
  10. I brought a friend to the game with me tonight, and about half way into the 1st quarter, she asked me if I thought there were as many KSU fans here than TCU. Second question was "how did they get all of those goods seats? I thought TCU had sold out its season tickets.
  11. It looked good on tv
  12. Saw one of our very own killerfrogs members/leaders selling tickets to K State fans outside gate 8 at 5 pm! Almost took a picture so I could post it.
  13. My buddy, a TCU alum with a young family wanted 4 season tickets but TCU shut him down so the +4's could sell their tickets to the visiting team.

  14. 100 chairbacks was 40% full.
  15. I was in the south endzone and I honestly think there were more kstate fans in that area than there were TCU fans. And they were loud.
  16. In the middle of 406 on the 50. Thought we were the visiting team.
  17. I am on the 45 in section 234 and the guys that have the tickets in front of me, and behind me, have sold them to opposing fans for every game except the Grambling game. It is really sad.
  18. I suggest after the season that those who are upset, email CDC with those seat numbers that have been sold to visiting fans for countless games and let TCU know. These people should have their season tickets revoked.
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  19. Piggggs !!!!!
  20. Cool thread.

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