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DCTF: What QB Matthew Baldwin's addition means for the Horned Frogs

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 9, 2019.

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    DCTF: What QB Matthew Baldwin's addition means for the Horned Frogs

    Shehan Jeyarajah

    Former Lake Travis quarterback standout Matthew Baldwin announced that he will transfer from Ohio State to TCU after just one year with the Buckeyes, according to 247Sports. Baldwin will appeal for immediate eligibility.

    After taking over the starting job at Lake Travis from Charlie Brewer as a senior, Baldwin quickly rose from underrated to blue-chip prospect. He completed 70 percent of his passes and threw for more than 4,000 yards and 44 touchdowns as part of a 13-3 season. The redshirt freshman is a big addition to the quarterback room.

    But while picking up a highly-touted transfer from Ohio State is a nice move for TCU, it only adds another level of confusion and drama to what has already been a complicated quarterback situation in Fort Worth.

    Read more at https://www.texasfootball.com/artic...baldwin-s-transfer-means-for-the-horned-frogs
  2. I’ve already said this but Gary is good at taking QB’s and making then Corners, LB’s and DE. Put 30 lbs on Baldwins and you have a 6’5, 250 DE. It’s been done before.......
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  3. Jerry Hughes? I forgot the others. Ya think Baldwin is open to that?
  4. No chance. With a waiver, he may start by game 2
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  5. Geez, apparently the FWST writers got some space in DCTF...

    "Robinson ended up leaving halfway through the 2018 season and Penn transfer Michael Collins struggled in the role."
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  6. This a joke..I assume..If any QB is switching positions, and I give the odds virtually zero, Delton has the legs and if he has any interest in playing professionally it would have to be somewhere other then QB as his QB “development” window has long passed...

    Again..Someone may transfer before fall (Collins is my bet) but I can’t see anyone switching positions especially a 4 star freshman. ( Baldwin, JR, and Duggan )
  7. I agree with this, except maybe the transfer of Collins. Does a college player transfer twice? I don't see any transfer happening before our next season. If there were to be a transfer at that point, I'd imagine it being Rogers or Duggan, which I do not want to see either happen. It may be inevitable, though. In the overall scheme, that's a good problem to have. I just don't like it because I get invested in the players.
  8. If Collins is blocked from a starter's role, yeah, in this day of free agency (immediate eligibility) I could see him transferring. Or he could wait and see how things go until he graduates and transfer that way.

    That said, I believe he could still win the qb battle if he's healthy. I say that having only seen high school video on the youngsters. Not sold on Delton unless we want to RTDB.

    I think it's most likely one or more of the youngsters transfer.
  9. Healthy Collins is better than Delton, when he’ll be ready to go seems unknown, though.
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  10. I am not convinced of this. Collins baffled me last year when he threw the ball in the dirt a few times to a wide open receiver that was not that far from him.
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  11. Well Delton threw his share of dirt balls from the limited film I’ve seen.
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  12. I'm sure you are right. But, I am ok with letting the competition play itself out here. Either way, we are in a lot better shape this year.
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  13. Agreed
  14. I cannot see Duggan transferring with a RS year and possibly playing in 4 games toward the end of the season. Next Spring, he will make his push to start.

    This season, Baldwin's status is up in the air and may have to sit, so it would be between Rogers and Collins if we truly do go to the Veer & Shoot as many expect us to do. We are going to throw the ball around and that's not Delton's game. Personally, I'm going with the thoroughbred, and that would be Rogers. He has the potential to be a dime dropper and running the ball in the Veer & Shoot by the QB is not that important. Besides, we have 3 good RB's and more coming up.
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  15. With 2 Star QBs who were high school QBs because they “out-athleted” everyone else at their school and who are otherwise never going to play a snap at the D1 level. Not with 4-star pocket passers.
  16. From the times I saw Delton much better at the ground game and running.
  17. Gentlemen, there is an open competition for starting QB. Those wishing not to compete may take the portal to your right.
  18. Are you suggesting we need a QB that can run but not throw? We had one of those in 2016 that refused to run.
  19. No just my observation of what I have seen.
  20. Collins is probably pretty close to finishing his degree if he hasn't done so already.. He could transfer somewhere and have 2 years of immediate eligibility if he left at the end of the spring semester or after one summer session.. But, he may know he's in the mix here and stay which I hope he does..
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