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Darius Anderson article

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jul 1, 2017.

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  2. Always a fun list to read every year. Seems like TCU has been well represented in the past
  3. I teach 9th-10th grade Bible Study at church with a guy whose daughter graduated from George Ranch High School with Darius Anderson, and he told me before the season that CGP would "have a difficult time keeping Darius off the field - unless he redshirts him."

    When I asked why he said, "This guy has some serious wiggle, and when he hits the second level - he's gone, most of the time." We saw that in Austin last Thanksgiving weekend, and I somehow can't help but believe we're going to see it again this next year, too.

    Go Frogs!
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  4. Adidas truly makes the ugliest uniforms in the world.
  5. Because their true market is 3rd world soccer jerseys....
  6. Interesting list...almost had two on it. Braden Smith...
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  7. I will be happy if he gets 35-40% of the carries next year.
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  8. Darius' freshman debut of 8.5 yards per carry pretty much speaks for itself. His next

    three seasons could produce some electrifying results.
  9. His season average is based on not many carriers and a long run or two can make that higher than it should be. Especially when a fresh back comes in late in a game and defense is worn out. I like him and think he is great and given enough carriers he could have a high yards per carry, but 8.5 is not realistic for a whole season.
  10. I remember Ed Oliver considering TCU as well.
  11. You sure that wasn't Ta'Ed?
  12. If it ain't white it ain't right, eh Bob?
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  13. Yep, if we're talking Ta'Bread.
  14. This name crap is really racist and needs to stop.
  15. At 205lbs and squatting 660... that is impressive. He needs to powerlift in the offseason and set some state collegiate records.
  16. I hope Sewo and Anderson both get a ton of carries this season. Also hope to see more of a balanced pass/run attack since our run blocking *should* be better behind a veteran o-line who have a real coach now and since Hill + our WR corps are shaky on the best of days.

    Controversial opinions, I know.

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