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Dang it, 11! This dude right here...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. There needs to be a picture of BP as the definition of "Frog Factor"
  2. Best of luck to you Mr. Parrish!!!
  3. The Force is strong in this one. Proud of you and what you represent.
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  4. I was never a big Parrish fan until the 5 games in the NIT. His desire and hustle in those 5 games turned me around. Plus, he really can make a 3 point shot or two. Of the 4 Seniors, I will miss him the most. Second most I will miss is Washburn. He makes silly mistakes and some times looks awkward, but when he is on, he is good and big. I wish he had 1 more year.
  5. Hope the FW or Dallas Zoo gives him a spot (should that be what he wants)
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  6. Kind of funny if you don't know the back story
  7. I don't
  8. he means your statement, standing alone, would be funny if read by someone who was not aware of 11's passion for animals and desire to work with them.
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  9. You really need to look beyond basketball to see the true potential of this young man and his impact on the TCU community. I'm kind of embarrassed for your post above to view BP only through the spectrum of basketball. Google Brandon Parrish to understand his backstory.

    And yes, the zoo stuff is funny!
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  10. He retweeted my reply, which made me feel 1.5 x better than if any other rando person did the same.

    The guy is gonna be a success in life no matter what.
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  11. Kelsey Patterson, line 2....
  12. This gave me a good laugh! Good stuff
  13. The Zoo is back on the air!
  14. I choked up watching this kid at the NIT awards ceremony. It's why I always believe we're rooting for the good guys.
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  15. According to my sources, he wasn't too big a fan of you, either. Hope he changes his mind, now.
  16. I hope these young men can continue playing basketball, even in Europe.

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