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Dale Young - Home from open heart surgery to a burglarized Home .

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. 79198A43-2177-48A8-9A35-63EA2DFA43E2.jpeg I don’t know if I’m more angry or sad right now. Actually, I’m livid. Dale Young, one of the most passionate, loyal, stand-up Frogs to walk the earth, just got home from the hospital where he had open-heart surgery. He came home to a big mess of nothing! Someone burglarized him. And, I would bet that they knew he was in the hospital, which makes it even more despicable. Hope they catch the SOB.

    So, in the midst of this Covid disaster, Dale had open heart surgery and now has to recover in his home that was just burglarized. Unbelievable.

    Please send him your words to cheer him up. If you have the means to donate, please go to the GoFundMe page started on FB, or just go visit him directly (6’ and wear a mask ). He could really use some friends and words of encouragement right now.


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  2. I have no words. What is wrong with people? My best to Dale in his recovery, and I hope they catch the low-life/s that broke into his house.
  3. What a great guy! Dale’s smile is ray of sunshine everywhere he goes.

    We need to rally around one of the most devoted Frog fans I’ve ever met!

    Go Frogs!
  4. Dale was one of Mrs. 4Oaks professors in the Education Department, and they are still friends today. I’ve had an opportunity to talk with Daley at award dinners and such over the years. He is a true gentleman and a true Frog to the top degree. I am so pissed that this happened to such a nice man. I hope they catch, then draw and quarter the SOB that robbed him.
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  5. how awful, can’t imagine what he’s going through. is this the guy that is the cheerleader during the homecoming games?
  6. Yes, he is a cheerleader alumnus and is one of the alumni cheerleaders at Homecoming. He also volunteers at Frog Club and Alumni events. The scumbags stole his TCU bowl rings which obviously are irreplaceable.
  7. That is just awful. This pisses me off.
  8. Sad to hear this. Makes me angry.
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  9. Hopefully those rings will show up somewhere and lead to these POS humans.
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  10. Get well Dale.
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