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CWS 2021

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by QuilterFrawg, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. NC State off to a good start with a 2-run homer.

    Hope they beat the California eggheads.
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  2. I want any of the 3 teams but Vanderbilt to represent bracket 1 and I want UVA to win bracket 2.
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  3. Imagine that. First pitch swinging. Sit on a curve…drives in a NCState run.
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  4. I hope NC State wins bracket 1 and UT wins bracket 2. Then NC State wins the whole thing. This accomplishes 3 benefits.
    - A Cinderella-story team wins the CWS
    - The Big XII makes a good showing, and
    - UT loses.
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  5. Perfectly squared away, and poised for maximum schadenfreude effectiveness!
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  6. NC State leads 6-0. M4
  7. :( Dang ol’ bookstore was better off shopping those to some African country
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  8. Dear Coach Saar, please be more aggressive earlier in the at-bat next year. I'm sick of always being down 1-2 and 0-2 in every at-bat. Thanks bro!
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  9. I got me a nice white Nike ball cap and bought my son one of the cream throw back TC caps after buying him a burger at Dutch’s and watching NCSTATE jump on Stanford early. Happy Father’s Day weekend to me!

    Now I’m waiting on daughter (salesperson at Tiffany’s in Clear Fork). Maybe I’ll get a diamond stud earring for the midlife crisis I’m planning.
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  10. Eh. Go for a toe ring. No hole-poking in your flesh, and the shop is on South Padre, so the getting is ancillary to a good weekend getaway...
  11. Nc state puts closer in in the 7th. What are they thinking?
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  12. Listening on XM....broadcasters talking about how college coaches bring in their hammers (closers) when they are needed...not just late and in save situations.
  13. Forgot the sarcasm font. My bad.
  14. No...I got it. Unfortunately I got it all too well.
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  15. 6-4 NC State going to the B8th
  16. NC State taking care of business. Have scored 4 in T9 and still batting. Bases loaded, 1 out.
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  17. NC State wins. 10-4.
    Very strange ending. Stanford baserunner ran into second baseman, so it was an automatic double play, ending the game.
  18. That inning will go down like Robinson throwing int and fumbling at Texas.

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