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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Snoop1122, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. From what everyone has heard is Cumbie just going to be the main OC this year with no Co- Offensive Coordinator added? I was just wondering with his Cumbie's performance last year. Kill joining the staff was official this morning.
  2. Sole OC is my understanding, unless they promote Meacham back to co-OC (which I guess may still be possible).

    So he (Cumbie) would report to Kill (or the "Head Coach of the Offense") as I understand it.

    Not sure if the position coaches will still report to Cumbie or all directly report to Kill.

    All a bit confusing, but whatever.
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  3. No, the way the paysite and the Startlegram were referencing it, Kill will be an OVERSEER of all the aspects of the offense and report his thoughts, findings and recommendations to GP. He does no coaching and Sonny is the sole OC. All the offensive position coaches are under Sonny's tutelage, including Meach, which will be interesting within itself.
  4. Got it, thanks for clarifying. But Cumbie will be sole OC, which I think was the point of the question.
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  5. So....Cumbie is the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager in all of this?
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  6. Interesting how smooth and organized the defensive side of the ball is. Coaches have experience at their positions, perform and stay there year after year.

    On offensive side we just hired a "co-head offensive coach analyst coordinator overseer" who also happens to be GPs best friend. Then we have an OC who has consistently failed in his role, has been under fire from GP, had to do an awkward post game conference. And just for kicks we brought back the previous OC to be a position coach, who had internal problems with the current OC. Oh and we have a chameleon offensive position coach who moves from position to position as they become available.
  7. Cumbie underperforms 3 out of the last 4 years, and basically is given full and complete reigns of the offense all to himself. Got it, cool.
  8. Think of it as an experiment. Cleaning house and starting over would also be an experiment.

    The path Coach Patterson has taken is less risky. If it doesn't work out, then he can always evict everyone and start over.
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  9. you mean except for just today becoming the first team in history to hire an “offensive head coach” for the express purpose of overseeing the offense and the OC?
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  10. Or you could view it through the lens of "Sonny has a brief time to turn things around or else someone else with play calling experience could be promoted to take the reigns".

    Kill is there to help give him every chance for success before that happens.
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  11. I mean..... perhaps a year late here? Basically 2019 was an experiment of running it all back, 2020 is an experiment of mostly running it back with some tweaks, and if it fails, 2021 will be an experiment with new staff. Experimenting for three years doesn't sound like a good plan.
  12. Oh good! Another thread on this!
  13. Maybe Kill is "OC in waiting" if Sonny Cumbie doesn't get his [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] together?
  14. Not a coach, so wouldn't likely be the case (without formally naming him and firing someone else).

    A more plausible scenario would be Meacham retakes control of play calling duties if Cumbie struggles, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

    If anything, it's motivation for Cumbie to get his act together on that front, pronto.
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  15. This is what our offense has ranked in the Big 12 the last 4 years...

    • 2016 -- 7th in yards, 8th in scoring
    • 2017 -- 5th in yards, 5th in scoring
    • 2018 -- 8th in yards, 9th in scoring
    • 2019 -- 7th in yards, 7th in scoring
  16. It could mean that, but I believe all Kill's info. and thoughts go to GP and he makes the call on either doing it or not.
  17. Facts, that's what GP likes and that is what he has now. So, we are seeing the changes, good or bad and he is making changes. The conf. is weak, which means our ass is really weak with those numbers.
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  18. Yeah, it's a joke and totally infuriating when you contrast those stats with our defensive rankings.

    Imagine what we'd have seen with a comparable O...
  19. Why do you hate America
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  20. 2016 -- 3rd in yards, 4th in points
    2017 -- 1st in yards, 1st in points
    2018 -- 1st in yards, 2nd in points
    2019 -- 1st in yards, 4th in points
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