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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. The big question is why were they out of their homes? Were they shopping for coffins for all of the old people they wanted to kill?
  2. Troll? This is a TCU athletics forum. I can guarantee you I’m no troll. If this were the Trump Humpers United forum, then I guess you could call me a troll. But I wouldn’t be caught dead in a forum like that. So there.
  3. Hilary wouldn’t be a worse candidate? I agree, the people both parties have in leadership at a number of levels are garbage.
  4. No, my personal opinion is that Hilary would be a better candidate than Biden.

    The guy wasn't going to be a good candidate to begin with, and it's clear now he is in the early stages of dementia/alzheimers. There may not be any debates because the democrats are going to be afraid to put him out there. At the very most there will be one. How much worse of a candidate can you get than that?
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  5. Hitler reacts to Georgia opening back up....

  6. Hilarious how Democrats have turned on Hilary to explain the gut wrenching loss in 2016. She was the absolute second coming four years ago.
  7. Another study on hydroxychloroquine. Looked at 14,888 patients and found no benefit, and possibly harm. Still, an observational study, not randomized.

    On the positive news side, I have heard that a study is coming out soon on convalescent plasma that is rumored to have positive results.

  8. All Biden kidding aside I think that man is in trouble. From someone who watched two older family members progress through Alzheimers, there was something familiar this morning in terms of his speech pattern for prepared text. It took a moment for me to recognize and associate that flat and toneless characteristic with that of our family member from back in the day. I am certainly no medical doctor. Maybe our resident medical experts would like to chime in. All I could find on the internets was a term called 'fluent but empty' that could describe an early onset symptom. The speech seemed so familiar and jarred me for a second.
  9. Let’s check in with Tyler Durden:

  10. That covid really clears out your sinuses
  11. Not an expert on this area of medicine but I deal with these patients a lot. They go to great lengths to hide their confusion. That is what I seem to notice about Biden. It is clear he is confused but there are moments of lucidity that make you think maybe it’s not all that bad. I suspect the decline will be very rapid over the next two years if what appears to be true is actually true.
  12. Fauci now saying that staying closed too long could cause “irreparable damage.”

  13. Dude is lost
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  14. You could say the same for Senate Republicans. I have often wondered if they wouldn't prefer to lose the majority this cycle...then they can go back to really talking the big game on securing the border but not having to actually vote on it. AceofSpades calls it failure theater and we got a bunch of it when they had both houses. That's why both parties love the 60-vote filibuster threshold...
  15. Yeah, no way those should be listed as a CoVID death.

    Edit: unless it was an incredibly unlikely scenario that they contracted CoVID, incidentally got shot, and then died of pneumonia or another mechanism associated with CoVID infection.
  16. My dad didn’t have Alzheimer’s but he did have a near fatal head injury that late in life caused dementia and Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. There was a tendency towards overcompensation - which showed up as inappropriate assertiveness at times. I see some of this in Biden. Actually feel bad for him and his family.
  17. 089ADA3F-D1EE-460C-8D24-657718DBE485.jpeg

    This part of our gym is lethal. The rest is cool.

    Gym management allowing gardening and work gloves as long as they are full finger.
  18. Where's Todd and Tyler and Ya and Finance and asleep and everyone else screaming about racism from Biden.

    Oh, because double standard hypocrites.
  19. Ah, hell no. That's just old "uncle" Joe being "uncle" Joe which is okay.
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