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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Good read, found this interesting...

    "If we had not known about a new virus out there, and had not checked individuals with PCR tests, the number of total deaths due to “influenza-like illness” would not seem unusual this year. At most, we might have casually noted that flu this season seems to be a bit worse than average. The media coverage would have been less than for an NBA game between the two most indifferent teams."

    This guy, and I put up his information because some will say he isn't qualified, appears to be leaning toward this being an over reaction.

    John P.A. Ioannidis is professor of medicine, of epidemiology and population health, of biomedical data science, and of statistics at Stanford University and co-director of Stanford’s Meta-Research Innovation Center.
  2. is she hot?
  3. Believe there’s a related spike in an economic depression/recession with increased suicides, people dying because they don’t seek/can’t afford preventative treatment, put off surgeries, etc.

    Wonder what the % is and how that would correlate to the virus deaths
  4. 100.4
  5. Language warning, but funny

  6. This is all a ploy by big suicide.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Another sensationalist headline on Yahoo....."Almost 40% hospitalized by COVD-19 younger than 54".

    Actually read the article and anywhere from 14-21% between ages 20-44 are hospitalized and 2-4% of cases require ICU admissions. Less than 1% are fatal (which for all we know could be none).

    Virtually no people under the age of 50 are dying from this virus.

    I wonder how these statistics compare to the flu.
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  9. I’m not sure I know where you stand on this issue.
  10. Apparently the opposite of where Yahoo stands.
  11. Never stopped to think the Clindicate would be involved.
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  12. Link? Cause I just scrolled through Yahoo News and didn’t see this headline anywhere...
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    Well that’s not your headline at all...

    Thanks, that’s the actual headline, and if any read the article, it points out two percentages involving those under the age of 54, which added together equal 38% soooooo Wex just being a Vanessa it appears...
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  14. Oh, ok. I'm the one being misleading I guess. I wonder how these figures differ from flu hospitalizations?

    Read the attached article and explain to me how these alarming stats are any different than they are for the flu. Flu seems worse to me actually since it attacks many more children.

  15. FIL answered it. Schools, restaurants, bars.
  16. Just stop being disingenuous...you’re as bad as the media you rail against. Aroundtheworld posted the article, said here you go, and that was that. And that’s how the news should work as well. Sadly, it doesn’t, as we all know.

    You railed against some headline that you attributed to a different news outlet, posted cherry picked statements, and completely misrepresented the article. And then you reply with yet another straw man argument as you seem to retreat to often...

    You’re just getting gif replies from now on.
  17. Yah thx.
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