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Discussion in 'The Swamp' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Those 8 are most likely also democrat donors as well. They butter both sides of their bread.
  2. Mood ...

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  3. I still can't believe we signed a 5-star running back who is in classes now.
  4. what is the breakdown of the 10 wealthiest individuals?

    bezos? gates? buffett? ellison? zuckerburg? bloomber? page? bin? ballmer? adelson? dell? knight? musk?

    believe that many of those list are worth more individually than many of the wealthiest families
  5. According to Muck, tho, there are lots of questions about that. Not sure what the questions are, but there are lots of them.
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  6. Everything old is new again....

  7. Anyone buy Sorrento Therapeutics stock yesterday?
  8. “in classes”

  9. I think the fact the public responds pretty well to guidelines (at least early in a pandemic) is definitely something to learn from this. State to state we all basically went to similar activity levels, regardless of the level of the shutdown. I do think there is a place for shutdowns, depending on the pathogen. If a highly infectious pathogen with a high death rate was spreading, it makes sense to pull out the big gun, especially if a chance to totally contain.

    Hindsight is 20-20, but this didn't turn out to be a good bug for shutdowns. We have to remember early in the pandemic we had a lot less info, though. With so little testing we were totally blindsided- we really didn't know how prevalent it was. And we were still learning how transmitted. There was also some early thought we could contain it with aggressive action and make it go away like China and SK did with aggressive shutdowns. And the places with early spread (Italy, Spain, NY/NJ/Conn) were getting overrun. I think in retrospect, the shutdowns were too much most places, but we really didn't know that until after the fact.

    That said, no excuse now not to be re-opening, IMO. We know it is unlikely to overrun the health system. We know we can't totally contain the virus and have to live with it for the next year. We now have better testing, and know that we can keep the transmission down with masks, hygiene, physical distancing. I think the CDC guidelines are pretty good to get everyone back to some kind of increased activity while still limiting spread.
  10. We were blindsided because China hid the outbreak and lied to us. They are also continuing to lie to us.

    Never trust a God Damn Communist
  11. They are also attempting to hack the vaccine producers' systems. Chinese Communist hackers are quite busy these days - it is easier to steal research than conduct it.

    [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ].
  12. I bid a pretty good chunk premarket out of boredom mainly. I rarely swing trade. Didn’t get filled. There was on offer out there at 1.95 or so but I bailed on the whole thing and went for a walk instead lol.
  13. It's at $7.06 as we speak.
  14. scheiss Mack Engle.
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  15. I'm about to make it rain. Early retirement here I come!!!
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  16. One man's opinion. I'm told we have to listen to the experts though.

  17. So much more of this to come. Ugh.
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