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Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. So, the guy that is most adamant about staying shut down and costing people their livelihoods works for a company that is booming in this environment? Shocker
  2. Perfect!!! So the rest of us can go on with our lives now that your life has been spared I assume? Glad you're safe and sound with a steady income. You can scheiss right off. What a total fraud.
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  3. Market closes up 377.
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  4. You work in unemployment paper processing or network of food pantries?
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  5. And the beat goes on.....
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  6. Netflix
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  7. And I thought Hope Solo had a big [ muschi ].
  8. March 21....seems like three years ago
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  9. There was an insinuation that the CEO should be fired. I was replying to that - he would have nothing to be worried about, even he didn’t own the company. My life will always be in precarious balance due to my health complications and for my wife as well. But the dangers are compounded by callous people who refuse to follow CDC guidelines.

  10. What a fun :( song...this is mostly still true.

    If this continues as some predict, we will have many wars over assets, and personal freedoms lost - maybe even here.

    Doom, doom, doom.
  11. Good god. It took me years to unsee that and now I can see it again.
  12. Sorry dude. It's 100% clear that the only people you give a scheiss about are you and your family. And you know what, that's completely fine. You've got your income, you can work from home, life is grand. Meanwhile, other people on here are staring down the barrel of not knowing which paycheck will be their last so forgive me if I no longer give a scheiss about your "situation".
  13. Business is a boomin!
  14. Sounds like they are using a broad category to define pre-existing conditions. Even just age and obesity alone hits a high % of the population. This is insurer data. 58% of 35-44 year olds have a "pre-existing condition" (21% high risk).

  15. So why don't you just stay home? You can virtually avoid it completely by your own will.
  16. This is a coin with two sides. The only thing you care about is your company is its employees, meanwhile people who are immunocompromised are staring down the barrel of contracting a disease that will likely kill them. So forgive me if I no longer care about your “situation”.
  17. I do. And I will. But y’all act like it is two people Tyler Durden and his wife. Do you know how many people have cancer? Are old? Have some other condition that puts them at extreme risk? Yeah I know, we’re going to die anyway. But excuse me if I refuse to consider that acceptable.
  18. Because then he and the rest of the left couldn’t control what everyone else does and tank the economy at the same time in order to gain a political advantage. Duh.

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