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Discussion in 'The Swamp' started by TxFrog1999, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. %'s depend on age of population as well as health of population. Relative to some other countries, we have a younger, less healthy population, so more young people as a percentage may die here. But it's all relative.
  2. which means you rely on the data that you actually have and as i have pointed out multiple times we have leagues around the world that have tested and we see low positive rates.

    we find low death rates and higher infected rates than expected and the majority of positives are asymptomatic

    what we actually are seeing from the data doesn't fit the narrative we have been told so some are clinging to the fear of what might happen????? the second wave???

    yet it just isn't happening yet and as i said we need to look at the other leagues around the world and learn
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  3. Asymptomatics generating herd immunity



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  4. This virus had been here long before we decided to actaully try and do anything.
  5. Interesting how the White House has become so much more interested in contact tracing and testing, than ever before...
  6. Contact tracing is a buzzword that sounds good in theory but executing it is a completely different story. First of all, its not constitutional to force it on people. Second, like I said, this virus has been here long before we did anything about it. Do you realistically expect everyone I came in contact with in January to be located?

    Contact tracing is intended to be an impossible hurdle to clear so when the Trump admin doesn't clear it(by design) then the democrats and media can hammer him over it.
  7. https://theathletic.com/1804433/2020/05/09/rosenthal-latest-details-on-baseballs-plan-to-return/

    • A regular season beginning in early July and consisting of approximately 80 games. The number might not be exactly 80 — 78 and 82 are also possibilities.

    The schedule would be regionalized: Teams would face opponents only from their own division and the same geographic division in the opposite league. An NL East club, for example, would face teams only from the NL East and AL East.

    A 78-game schedule might look like this: Four three-game series against each division opponent and two three-game series against each non-division opponent.

    • Teams would open in as many home parks as possible, with even New York — the major-league city hardest hit by the coronavirus — potentially in play by early July.

    Toronto also might open by then, though nonessential travel between the U.S. and Canada is restricted through at least May 21 and all travelers to Canada are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

    Teams unable to open in their cities temporarily would relocate, either to their spring training sites or major-league parks in other parts of the country. The same would apply to spring training 2.0 if the league decides to use mostly home parks as opposed to returning to Florida and Arizona.

    Not all clubs agree they should train in their home parks, believing spring locales offer a less densely populated, more controlled environment.

    • Expanded playoffs similar to the idea first reported by the New York Post in February, with an increase from five to seven teams in each league.

    Under this plan, the team with the best record in each league would receive a bye in the wild-card round and advance to the Division Series. The two other division winners and wild card with the best record would face the bottom three wild cards in a best-of-three wild-card round.

    • Because games, at least initially, will be played without fans, the players would be asked to accept a further reduction in pay, most likely by agreeing to a set percentage of revenues for this season only.
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  8. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v2.full.pdf+html

    A study done at USC and Stanford focused on measuring antibodies for the virus.

    USC had 863 people studied and 4.1% had antibodies. That gives us an infection rate 22-55 times higher than we are being told.

    Stanford tested 3300 and 2.4% to 4.2% had antibodies. That gives us an infection rate 50-85 times higher than we are being told.

    And that means the death rate is between .1%-.2%. You know, like the flu. Good god.
  9. All these things are being ignored, on purpose. In order for certain agendas and political outcomes to be pursued then things like this must be ignored and downplayed.
  10. I just think you should let the players and coaches decide. No need for a mandatory two week isolation every time a player gets it.
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  11. ...and off-campus, at night, and on weekends.
  12. We just have to wait for the vaccine!

    Just like we have been waiting for a vaccine for the first SARS.
  13. SIAP, but this article is from the 6th talks about testing and what fans might expect.


    The NFL’s vision for a full season that begins on time — or close to it — could be bolstered by nationwide advances in the coming months in the availability of coronavirus tests, people in and around the league say. Some say they can envision the season being played with strict protocols for the testing of players and coaches, with cautious policies guiding health practices for fans in stadiums and with teams and owners accepting competitive disparities resulting from varying state and local restrictions...

    ....Fans in high-risk groups probably will be advised not to attend NFL games, even in stadiums that are opened to crowds, according to multiple people with knowledge of the league’s planning. One of those people said there could be protocols developed with steps such as temperature checks for fans entering a stadium, the mandatory use of masks and access to hand sanitizers, social distancing measures inside the stadium, no-contact concessions procedures and possibly checkerboard seating patterns if the number of fans allowed inside that stadium is capped by local restrictions.
  14. Again, it boils down to - we still don't know how this works, or how to try to act to get the least damage.

    My haircut is at 1700 tomorrow. So, I'll look good, even if I die.

    I'll look mah-velous.
  15. I'd just stay home.

    What a bunch of superficial ridiculousness. Good lord.
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  16. It's just dawning on me how absolutely absurd our young offensive talent is. Good god. GTFOH Corona.
  17. Our entire team.

    I'm going to be devastated if we don't have football this year. Outside of family and friends, it's the one thing that actually means something to me.
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  18. if they can stabilize the offensive line, max develops, some receivers prove to be dependable, and the talent at running back this could be an explosive offense

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